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Prayer Guide E-Book




Thank you for purchasing the Prayer Guide E-Book.

Read instructions carefully!

  • Do not close this page until downloading is successful.
  • It is suggested that you 'save' the files to the 'desktop' of your computer.
  • The PDF file is about 3 MB so it may take a while to download depending on your internet connection. The ePub file is much smaller and will download quickly. The ePub file does not include the covers.
  • After the download is complete; check the last page to be sure the whole file downloaded, make a backup copy of the file. (This is copyright material and may not be copied for any other reason.)
  • Permissions - You have permission to have the PDF file on two computers if both computers belong to you. The ePub file may be loaded onto one handheld device. If you sell or give away the files; you must remove them in all their forms from all of your computers and/or electronic devices.
  • If you have problems, contact Lowell Snow Ministries for assistance. Please include your PayPal receipt number.

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