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A Biblical, factual, non-confrontational evaluation of your worship service that can really make a difference.

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This is a better way to bring about change in worship. Not only will it alert you to deficiencies in the way your service is conducted; it gives you concrete information to discuss with church leaders, moving the discussion from likes and dislikes to facts and priorities.

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Evaluate and improve your worship service with the

Worship Profile Kit




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There are three steps in the evaluation process:

    • Conducting a profile of the worship service,
    • Evaluating the profile in light of church priorities and goals,
    • Make recommendations to church leadership.

The kit comes in a binder that has everything you need to improve the worship experience of your congregation:

    • a planner for scheduling the whole process,
    • detailed instructions for every stage of the evaluation,
    • all the needed work sheets including samples,
    • a CD with files and Excel spreadsheet,
    • meeting agendas for the evaluation process,
    • and suggestions for communicating the recommendations.



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Congregational prayer is one of the most critical aspects of worship. This book has several very practical chapters that will help you bring prayer to the heart of worship.

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Think about the difference this will make.

Let's say some of your folks want to sing more of the old hymns. You can do a survey, but what do you do with all those 'opinions'? It becomes a competition to see who wins and doesn't even address other issues that are more important.

By starting with the profile, opinions about music don't become the main thing because the profile deals with many other aspects of worship.

At the conclusion you'll have a broad spectrum of suggestions that really are about improving worship rather than who gets there way in song selection. That's a very big difference.

Author Lowell Snow

Profile Kit CD

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This is the CD that comes with the Kit.


Please let me help you!

I don't believe you'll find a better tool for evaluating your worship services anywhere so I'm providing a money back guarantee. Give this kit a try and if it isn't helpful, I'll give you a full refund.


Worship Profile Kit

The Worship Profile Kit will guide you step by step through the whole process from doing the profile, to using the included computer spreadsheets, and finally making recommendations to church leadership.

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Profile Kit

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