Step into life on planet Earth 700 years after the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ

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Thomas Lowell

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On the eastern horizon of planet Earth, beyond the storms of Tribulation, lies the golden age of Emmanuel.

What do you think happens after Jesus returns? Golden harps and floating on clouds? Not hardly! Your fairy-tale notions of life-after-death will be blown away in an action packed journey with average Christian Hamilton Fry. Throw open a window on the segment of eternity most people have never considered, The Millennial Reign of Christ on Earth. The story begins seven centuries after the Second Coming. Earth is now the pristine utopia mankind has longed for since Eden. Every person on the planet has a perfect body and day to day life is exciting and fulfilling.

However, The Millennium is not heaven. It's the foyer of heaven - a time of final preparations. The majority of the population are 'Millennials' who identify with their ancestors in Hades and yearn for the prophesied return of Satan. Hamilton is drawn into this growing tumult as he prepares for the greatest challenge of his existence - the evaluation of his first life at the judgment seat of Christ. Hoping for solitude, he joins the crew of a vintage sailing ship, but as a demonic tempest rages across the last ocean, Hamilton battles his greatest fear.

Forever has flesh and blood!

What better way to learn about life-after-death than reading a great story. In The Last Ocean you'll find answers to these questions and more:

Day to Day Life in The Millennium:

  • Can people be injured or even die in the millennium?
  • Will people look different than they do now?
  • Will people be married?
  • Will people be able to fly or teleport themselves?
  • Will people have jobs, eat, sleep, and have pets?
  • Will people play sports and have fun?
  • Will people pray and go to church?

Jesus & God:

  • Will people talk personally with God?
  • Will people do things with Jesus Christ?

Judgment seat of Christ:

  • What is the judgment seat of Christ?
  • Who will be judged there?
  • What will they be judged for?
  • What rewards do people get for living a good life?
  • Will some people have a better life in eternity than others?

Satan & Hell:

  • Will people see and talk to demons or Satan?
  • Who is Satan?
  • What motivates him?
  • How does he do his work?
  • Does anyone really deserve to go to hell?
  • Why is hell hot?
  • What's the difference in hades and hell?

We don't believe you've ever read a book like this by an author like this. Every once in while God sends an author that just 'sees' what the rest miss.

Thomas Lowell

With the mind of a philosopher, hands of a carpenter, and heart of a shepherd, Thomas Lowell can spin a tale that will stretch your brain and bend your heart. He creates dynamic characters that make you laugh and cry and then surprise you just when you think you know them.

As a young man Lowell was an angry agnostic that hated everything about God. He emerged from that dark period with a dedication to authentic faith. Unlike most Christian fiction where non-believing characters are paper thin, Lowell’s are powerful and compelling. They ask the tough questions and demand real answers.

If you love seeing truth expose deception. If you love seeing grace overcome hate. If you love seeing the raw power of devotion. You’re going to love Thomas Lowell.


This book represents a new paradigm in the understanding of life beyond the grave. It will start a new discussion about eternity and ignite a new passion for eternal life. This is a book you'll be talking about with your friends for a long time. You'll always remember reading it the first time because it will open your eyes to so many things you've never thought about before.

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