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"God has called Lowell Snow to help our churches become houses of prayer. We have houses of biblical preaching, houses of inspirational music, and houses of warm fellowship, but few houses of prayer. His insight and practical, though deeply spiritual, approach to prayer can revitalize our corporate and private worship experiences. I commend to you the ministry and calling of Bro. Lowell Snow."

Harry Black - Associational Missionary, Capital Association, Oklahoma City

Past president, Arkansas Baptist State Convention

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Beloved Fellow Laborers:

I, like you, am ever seeking to discover ways to lead my Church to be the spiritual force God wants it to be. My mail is filled with a vast number of advertisements of programs and materials offered for sale to help us grow our church. We both know that our churches need more than slick programs and marketing schemes. While there is a place for those tools, none of them take the place of the activity of God vitally at work in a fellowship of believers. People today are the most marketed generation in history. They view the church as just another one of the marketers when the church uses the worlds approach to their minds and hearts. THE WORLD WANTS AND NEEDS TO SEE SOMETHING THE SECULAR MARKETERS CANNOT PRODUCE. They need to see God at work.

It was to that end that God led me to invite Lowell Snow to come and lead Little Rock's First Baptist Church in a "Journey Into The Presence Of God" weekend. What a blessing! Lowell is a gifted communicator. His messages have been birthed in the context of an extended, local church pastorate. His messages are practical, Biblical and helpful. Perhaps best of all, God uses him to lead individuals within the church to make commitments that will be impacting our church for years to come. His wife, Peggy, accompanies him and is a decided asset to Lowell and the Conference, as well.

We rededicated our Altar to being a place where people are at home meeting and conversing with God there. Many of our people committed themselves to a plan of daily devotional time with God, which they are now following. We have begun making prayer a primary part of worship, not secondary. We believe we have already begun to see and sense increased activity on God's part. It seems that He is pleased that we are committed to "Making His house a house of prayer for all nations (peoples)."

Lowell's suggestions for preparation are very good and thorough. They need to be followed. He makes so much available that can be downloaded saving the church a lot in expense. I love the guidance he is giving me in ways to follow up on what God has done, so that the conference doesn't just become another "pleasant memory," but a matter of life change. Most of us want to see our churches "rise out of the dust and ashes left from the conflagration of conflict and fleshly failures." God is our only hope and help! Prayer is the path we take to His heart and He takes to ours. Maybe He would like to use Lowell's ministry in your situation. Would you pray about it?

Don Moore, Interim Pastor
First Baptist Church of Little Rock

from a follow up letter from pastor Moore:
...You will be glad to know that we have continued to have a very meaningful prayer time in the heart of our service every Sunday morning.  For a Sunday or two there was little comment.  I was not sure what was going on.  Week by week the comments have been generous and full of meaning.  They love the quietness, the suggestions, and the soft music.  It is always a challenge to have some variety, so that they do not just become a ritual.  But so far, God has given me something fresh every week...

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Dear Fellow Pastors and Church Leaders,

Recently, our church had Lowell Snow for his conference on prayer called "Journey Into the Presence of God." We have had revivals that were great, but not long lasting. I had a strong sense from God that we needed something more lasting than a good or even great meeting. I received one of Lowell's brochures in the mail. God immediately impressed upon me that this was what He was leading me to provide for myself and the church.

By faith, I invited Lowell to come and lead us into the presence of God. He began on Sunday morning and went through Wednesday night. This was a great schedule for us. I was not disappointed in the results. I truly sense that the lasting effects of this conference will be greater than most revivals. In fact, this conference is a much needed prelude to "Revival."

My people were deeply impacted by the Holy Spirit. Lowell has been touched by God to lead His people into the Throne Room of God for an encounter with Him. His spirit and genuine walk with God is a vital part of why the prayer conference is so successful. His messages are clear, biblical, exciting and right on target.

I highly recommend that you have Lowell Snow come at your earliest convenience to lead you and your church "Into the Throne Room of God!" Prayer is all through the Bible. It was an essential part of the life of every godly character in the Bible, including our Lord's while He was here on earth. It must also be a definite and essential part of our personal lives and of the church.

Lowell can help you accomplish this much needed and spiritually necessary part of worship and service to our Lord, PRAYER. One powerful prayer warrior said it right, "Satan laughs at our activity, but he trembles at even the weakest saint in prayer."

We all know that we should pray. We all know much about prayer. I urge you to let Lowell Snow lead you and your people "to pray," because it is evident that our Lord has called him to this very special and needed ministry in the lives of His churches for this day and time. You will not be disappointed.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Dr. Larry E. Kindrick, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Hardy, AR

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Dear Lowell:

Thank you so much for bringing your Prayer Conference to FBC Farmington. I have received numerous compliments from our people about the conference and how God used you and your messages to open their eyes to the need for a renewed emphasis on prayer for them individually and for us as a congregation. I personally enjoyed your message about the necessity of returning to the altar of prayer in our worship. God has given you insight to help the church refocus on communicating with Him. May He bless you in your endeavor to bring a revival of prayer to His Church!

Barry P. Smith
Pastor, FBC Farmington, AR

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Dear Fellow Worship Leader,

You are to be commended for your willingness to serve the Lord and His people. As worship leaders, we all experience the blessings and challenges of leading God’s children before His throne on a weekly basis. Because we spend such little time with our people in corporate worship (1 to 5 hours per week on the average), we are always striving to get the most out of each opportunity. That is the purpose of my letter.

Recently I was able to be a part of an event so powerful that I had to recommend it to you! Lowell Snow brought his Prayer Conference to our church, and I will never lead worship the same again. Whether you lead a large congregation or a small group in prayer/worship, I would ask that you make it a priority to have Lowell bring his profound insights and hands-on training to your church. If you want to make the heart of worship the focus of your ministry, Lowell Snow’s Prayer Conference WILL do it for you! It is impossible for me to describe how this event has impacted our entire church body. Our prayer groups have become more effective and our worship services have become more Spirit-filled. If you’re looking to give your church a spiritual boost, this is it.

Please don’t deprive your congregation of something that could open the doors to real revival. Call Lowell today. I’m sure that just a few minutes of hearing his heart will confirm to you that he has a message that MUST reach the ears of your people. I’m excited for your church. I can’t wait for you to experience the power of prayer like First Baptist – Farmington is now!

In Spirit and Truth,

Brandon Champagne
Minister of Worship, First Baptist, Farmington, AR

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Dear Pastors and fellow church leaders,

I would like to recommend to you the ministry of Bro. Lowell Snow. God worked through Bro. Snow to help our church take a good step in becoming a house of prayer. Many in our church found his presentation and information very helpful. I have also noticed that some of the principles Bro. Snow taught are being used in Sunday school classes and other small group meetings within the church.

The greatest lesson I gained from the prayer conference was a better understanding how to guide my congregation through prayer during worship. The worship prayer, as we call it, was always the most difficult for me. I seldom felt that the people understood how they should participate during this prayer time. Brother Snow helped me to understand how to guide people to the throne room so they could bring their worship and requests to God. This prayer time has become more real and personal to many in our church.

I believe Brother Snow is a man of God and has a real message for God's people. Your church will be blessed by listening and applying Bro. Snow's teachings to your life and church.

May God Bless You,
Bro. George Lynch
Pastor, First Baptist Church Royal
Royal, AR. 71968

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Dear Fellow Pastors and Prayer Leaders,

Because I have long believed our church needs to grow stronger in corporate prayer, I invited Bro. Lowell to conduct a “Journey Into the Presence of God” Prayer Conference for us, and the event was the most enriching focus on prayer I’ve experienced.

His preaching and teaching were highly practical, informing us how to move from prayer as spiritual speeches to prayer as genuine encounter with God. My wife and I are still gaining strength from the session he taught on praying about our greatest problems. Bro. Lowell modeled the methods of prayer he taught and concluded the conference by leading the church to practice such praying.

His promotional materials are good and easy to incorporate. I also found his godly wisdom to be enriching to me personally. I commend his ministry to you!

In Christ,
Ross Woodbury
Ross Woodbury, Pastor
First Baptist Church
Dumas, Arkansas

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Dear Pastor,

What a difference a prayer conference makes! We all have lots of events at our churches, all with varying degrees of effectiveness. The prayer conference with my brother, Lowell Snow, was one of those events that left us greatly changed for the better.

I don't think we'll ever approach either public prayer or prayer groups the same way again. There is such a fresh excitement about corporate prayer as people actually do lead or direct the congregation in prayer. And both our men" and women's prayer groups have a new joy. There is absolutely no drudgery involved. And there is a fresh sense of delight far praying in general!

I think that a strategic element of the conference was having Lowell preach on prayer on Sunday morning and evening. Our folks laved him. Lowell really has a passion for prayer that is bright and joyful and contagious. We pastors all worry about attendance, don't we. And since prayer, according to E.M. Bounds, is "one part of the Christian life that cannot be made attractive to the flesh," I wondered if busy people would come back on Monday evening for a prayer conference. Well, 1 was thrilled. The turnout was better than for most revival meetings! In fact a good number came to the special 6 a.m. and the 12 noon meetings. These were scheduled somewhat impromptu due to popular demand!

The conference was one of the best things we've ever had for the spiritual health of our church. The Prayer Guide manual is tremendous. Our folks are still buying them. Pastor to Pastor, I heartily recommend Brother Lowell and the “Journey Into the Presence of God" Prayer Conference.

Ruffin Snow, pastor
Tri-City Baptist Church

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I must say that I was extremely surprised at the extent to which we have lost sight of prayer in worship. We know that prayer is a vital
part of worship, but somehow in the business of "church" it has become secondary to most of our Sunday activities. Our services had
become about worship with music and the Word. That is not at all wrong, but it is missing that conversation with the One whom we are
here to spend time with and hear from. We have spent much time together singing and preaching and tagging on a prayer time. Wrong!
Being silent to hear from God is of vital importance to true worship. We know that, but needed a reminder.

God has challenged me to make sure that we do not forget that prayer is not just a segue or an extra. I appreciate the heart in which you
shared the truths of how prayer should be a piece of the puzzle and not an afterthought.

Also, I really appreciate your encouragement to me. You may not have noticed it, but your acknowledgement of why I am here was refreshing. You saw that God had called me here to "lead worship". I know that the ultimate worship leader is the Holy Spirit, but He leads and I have to be His voice!! I do recognize that the title has nothing to do with my calling, though. People can call me whatever they want, but I know my PURPOSE on earth. To LEAD OTHERS TO WORSHIP!! That is why I am alive today and that is why God called me.

Thank you for letting God use you,
Gary Pierce
Worship Leader
Tri-City Baptist Church

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Dear Fellow Pastors,

About five years ago I was in an associational meeting with other pastors and staff from around the Association. Our speaker, John Franklin; Southern Baptist Convention, commented on his world wide travel observing where revivals and spiritual awakenings were happening. He observed many variables in the places where God was moving but one thing was common to all: "Corporate Prayer." He inquired about our hunger for a revival and spiritual awakening and then asked this question, "Is your church a model of corporate prayer?"

God touched my heart that day to intentionally lead whatever church I pastor to conduct corporate prayer meetings. The sermon Bro. Lowell Snow preached at Three Creeks Baptist Church 2005 Homecomig, "The Forgotten Altar", confirmed to me the need for the church to intentionally have corporate prayer. The message was informative in it's presentation, inspiring in the hearts of the hearers, and involved the congregation in prayer that day.

I recommend that you have Bro. Snow speak on "The Forgotten Altar" if there is an opportunity.

Bob Inmon, Pastor
Three Creeks Baptist Church
Three Creeks, Arkansas

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Dear Brothers in Christ,

Please permit me to share with you some information which can have a profound spiritual impact on your life and on the congregation which you serve. The ministry of Lowell Snow has been a real blessing in my life and in Calvary Baptist Church in Huntsville.

First, I would like to give you a brief background. On Memorial Day weekend of 2006, Rev. Roy Cain, Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, suffered a debilitating stroke. Because I had supplied the pulpit and preached a revival meeting there, they asked me to fill the pulpit while Roy was unable to do so. In August, Roy asked the church for four more months to assess his potential for returning as pastor. Calvary Baptist Church called me as associate pastor beginning September 1, 2006.

During that time, I attended the Washington Madison Baptist Association's weekly ministers meetings. Lowell Snow made a presentation on A Conference of Prayer - JOURNEY INTO THE PRESENCE OF GOD. I ordered his materials and studied them pretty carefully. I became convinced that the congregation of Calvary Baptist Church needed his message.

I made a presentation to the deacons and they recommended that we invite Lowell Snow to lead a prayer conference during April 13-15, 2007. The church voted to accept the recommendation and to set the conference on the church calendar. Lowell and I planned the conference with a Friday night session, two sessions separated by a fellowship dinner on Saturday Night, and a session during the Sunday School hour on Sunday Morning. Lowell preached in both the Morning and Evening Worship Services. We had a lunch for the "staff" at noon on Sunday where Lowell dealt with "Building the House of Prayer."

The attendance was good. All seven deacons attended every session. There was an informal evaluation session at the next business meeting and all of the comments were positive. The youth leader reported that the young people had a profound spiritual experience during the prayer practicum on Saturday Night. Many members spoke with me privately about the exceptional blessing which they had received. We purchased copies of Lowell's Prayer Guide - A Manual for Leading Prayer . I began using it for the study during the Prayer Meeting each Wednesday evening.

Calvary Baptist Church called a full time pastor and I resigned effective June 1, 2007. At the appreciation dinner which the church gave for Martha and me, many members mentioned the impact of this prayer conference as one of the high points in the church's contemporary history.

I commend Rev. Lowell Snow and A Conference of Prayer. He is worthy of your serious consideration. ­


T . O. Spicer , Jr., D. Min.

Director of Missions, Retired 3300 N. Kendall Drive Fayetteville, Arkansas 72704


Follow up letter from Dr. Spicer:

Dear Lowell,

I need to share with you the impact that has been evident in our church. People are talking about 555 and the impact it has already had on their day to day activities. Keith and I have planned and conducted a midweek prayer service that reduces the song service by 10 minutes and the Bible study by 10 minutes and adds 20 minutes to the prayer time.

I appreciate so much the suggestions you made for "Continuing the Journey." I intend to share them with my deacons for implementation.

You have made an impact on my ministry and in our home. I believe that the days and weeks ahead will reveal the same kind of impact on our congregation. Thank you for it.

In Christian Love, T.O. Spicer, Jr.

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If you are concerned about the Spiritual welfare of your flock, then I would enthusiastically recommend you having Lowell Snow come to your Church. God used Bro. Snow to awaken my people to their need of returning to the altar of prayer. They were inspired, informed and encouraged to lead prayer in their homes and their small group class. The greatest blessing for me personally is their desire now to come to the house of God expecting to encounter Him in prayer.

Serving the Lord,

Phillip Miller, Senior Pastor, 2 nd Baptist Church of West Helena

from a follow up email the next week:

I lead them in prayer by giving them the elements I wanted them to pray for and took time for each one.  I used some visualizations in the prayer time and in the sermon time.  It seems to go well.  During the evening service, I started a time called "The Family Altar" in which I called everyone down and lead them to pray for specific things.  Wednesday evening we broke up into small groups and did topical prayers after I lead them into a worshipful attitude of prayer.  Sunday was definitely different in a good way. We will be praying for you and Peggy.


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Dear Fellow Laborers,

Thank you for this opportunity to share a very unique and needful ministry the Lord has brought to our area. On Sunday, February 24th, '08, College Avenue invited Lowell Snow to our services for a one day Prayer Conference. Brother Lowell attended our breakfast, taught us during the Sunday School Hour, preached during our regular morning service, and completed the presentation during an afternoon session.

The prayer leading he shared was useful, and his overall zeal for prayer was very obvious. However, his messages from God's Word was very instructional, direct, and useful to our members and visitors. It has been two weeks, and I am still getting input from our membership about Brother Lowell's messages. Personally, I was more touched and humbled by "The Forgotten Altar" message, as the Lord allowed Brother Lowell to share something I had not seen in my studies.

Please accept this as a praise to our Lord God and His Son, Jesus Christ, for allowing Brother Lowell Snow to move to this area, with a special annointing through the Holy Spirit for prayer. I truly believe prayer moves our people closer to a relationship with Jesus Christ and the written Word, which builds our faith in God to push limits we have set. Therefore, Brother Lowell Snow's messages can only help send forth God's word on the subject with the promise that God's Word will not return void. Thank you for prayerfully seeking the Lord's direction in having Brother Lowell share with you.

David Dodson – Pastor College Ave. Baptist Church, Fayetteville, AR

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Dear Pastor,

This past March our church hosted a “Journey into the Presence of God” Prayer Conference led by Lowell Snow. This two day event proved to be a time when many of our church members renewed their passion to connect with God through personal and corporate prayer. Following the event we found that many of our members had a hunger to give prayer a more prominent role in our Sunday School classes, small group experiences and worship services.

I am writing to recommend Lowell Snow’s “Journey into the Presence of God” Prayer Conference to you and your church. Starting with the premise that people do want to pray Lowell Snow teaches the congregation how to pray. He stresses that the church should be a house of prayer and offers practical approaches to lead prayer that would lead even the person who is sitting on the back row of the worship service into the presence of God.

Most of us are good at being busy doing God’s work but sometimes we fail to slow down long enough to connect with God so that He might do a work in us. “Journey into the Presence of God” will challenge you and your congregation to do exactly that by making prayer a more integral part of church life. All of the insight and different approaches to prayer that Lowell Snow offers are based on sound Biblical principles.

If you need to raise the value of prayer in your congregation or if you need to renew your passion for prayer, please consider hosting a “Journey into the Presence of God” Prayer Conference by Lowell Snow.

Sincerely, Chris Cook, Pastor of Parkade Baptist Church, Columbia, MO

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Pastor Snow: Thank you for sharing powerful concepts of prayer that we hardly ever give time or thought to. Thank you for establishing prayer as an important component in the life of the church and in our individual lives. May God bless your ministry and strengthen you to do His work.

Kerri Watson, member, East Side Baptist Church, Paragould, AR

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It is with great confidence that I recommend to you Bro. Lowell Snow’s Journey Into the Presence of God conference. Another pastor in the state in whom I have a great deal of respect recommended Bro. Lowell to us without any reservation. I’m thankful to the Lord that I followed that recommendation. We hosted Bro. Lowell for a Sunday and Monday conference. God used him to speak to us very clearly about the absolute necessity of the church truly being a house of prayer. That challenge to our people was exactly what we needed to hear and the response has been nothing but positive and enthusiastic.

Let me share with you a few reasons why this conference is something that you should prayerfully consider. First, Bro. Lowell is thoroughly Biblical in his timely call to the church to be a house of prayer and to believers to be active in private and public prayer. He is not guided by personal opinions and philosophies but by the Word of God. Second, Bro. Lowell is extremely well organized in the pre-conference instructions as well as in his presentation during the conference. He specifically walks you through what you need to do to have a successful conference. The only responsibility upon you will be to follow his leadership in facilitating the conference. Once he is in your church, you will find that he has prepared his heart and his messages before the Lord. Third, Bro. Lowell is very gracious. He does not have a set fee that he requires before he will come to your church. His commitment is to go where he is needed and he does that willingly on a love offering basis. In this day when so many require a set fee before they will come to a church, it is refreshing to encounter a man who trusts the Lord to provide for him through the gracious giving of the local church. These reasons and others give me great confidence in recommending Bro. Lowell to you.

If you are seeking to draw your congregation’s attention to the urgency of prayer and you are considering someone to come and lead you in this, you will not go wrong by hosting Bro. Lowell Snow and his Journey into the Presence of God conference. May God bless you as you faithfully serve the Lord and extend the Kingdom of God in this lost and dying world.

In Christ, Jason Noel, pastor, East Side Baptist Church, Paragould, AR

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Dear Fellow Servant,

I am writing to recommend to you the God called and God blessed ministry of Bro. Lowell Snow. God worked wonderfully through Bro. Snow to help our church take steps to become a house of prayer. Bro. Snow's prayer conference: "Journey Into The Presence of God," challenged us to make prayer a more vital part of our church activity. The conference changed the way we approach prayer!

Whether you pastor a large congregation or a small one, this prayer conference will provide you and your people with profound insights and hands on training. As a pastor you will gain insight on the basics of how to make prayer the heart of your ministry.

Here at RFBC I can see the ripples of change brought about through prayer. Small groups, Wednesday night, and Sunday Worship has taken on new life as prayer once again becomes a contact point with God. Bro. Lowell taught me how too take people into the throne room of God.

So, if you are looking to give your church a shot of spiritual energy and a boost toward revival, this conference is it! Please don't deprive your congregation of something that could draw them closer to God and give them renewed spiritual vitality.

In Christ, Ardell W. Polk, pastor, First Baptist Church, Rector, AR

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Dear Brother in Christ:

I am writing to highly recommend to you "A Journey into the Presence of God:

A Conference of Prayer," led by Lowell Snow. Our weekend consisted of eight sessions that, I believe, touched many people deeply. We all long to pray. We desire to connect with the Father. We hunger to know God more intimately. As pastors (I suspect you are like me) we want the people that we serve to connect with God. This is what we experienced with the conference Lowell led this past weekend.

God bless you in the ministry He has given you and you may wish to consider "A Journey into the Presence of God: A Conference of Prayer" sometime in the near future.

Gratefully His and Sincerely yours, Andy DeWitt, pastor – First Baptist Church, Salem, IL

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Dear Fellow Pastors,

I know you are busy so I will be brief. I met Bro. Lowell Snow at a conference at Ridgecrest North Carolina this past summer. We asked Bro. Lowell to lead Southside in a Prayer Conference this Fall. Without a doubt it was one of the most meaningful experiences of which our church has been a part. How important is prayer? And how much are our churches really doing it?

I want to recommend Bro. Lowell to you and ask you to think about if such a challenge to your own people might make such a difference. Bro. Lowell has a web site www.lowellsnow.com and can also be reached at (479) 846-1982. If such a conference can benefit you, I would invite you to consider hosting him with your people. We were certainly blessed. Thanks for you time.

Your brother in Christ,

Steve Holcombe, Southside Baptist Church, Palestine, TX

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Mr. Snow,
...When my husband and I first saw you, we were going through the motions of church. What I mean by that is that we went to church, sang the songs, and went home. We had gotten to where we were not very active in church activities and we were not getting much out of church. I had been praying for God to help us change our attitudes and to help us have that strong desire to worship Him again. When we got to the church that morning, we did not know anything about you or the prayer conf. and I just prayed a short prayer before the services ever started and my prayer was that I wanted to hear from God and that I just wanted to feel that desire for God again. Well that prayer was answered when you started leading us through the first prayer...

Michelle Emery - visiting a church where the conference was being held

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Just a note to let you know that I utilized your meditation prayer technique the last two Sundays. One was with 25 people in my SS Class using Pro 3:5-6 and in a husband/wife deacon meeting with 47 people using Jer 29:12-13. I tailored the last part of the script so to speak to meet the need. For instance in the deacon's meeting:

I said God is up to something big at FBC and you will want to be part of it. Pray that God will enable you to be the man or woman He has called you to be as you seek His will in your life and the life of FBC.


Now ask God to remove anything in your life that might preclude you from doing what it is that He wants you to do, it may be health, it may be fear, it may bitterness, it may be unconcern or it may be something else. God knows, so talk to Him about it... Get my drift...

Just wanted you to know you did not come to Nederland in vain, we are committed to utilizing what we learned those two jam packed days. May God continue to bless you and Peggy in a mighty and unusual way as you continue to share His word with all those that will listen.

In Christ,

Bruce Stracener, Deacon Chairman, First Baptist Church of Nederland, TX

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Dear Fellow Directors of Missions,

This past October our association conducted a Prayer Conference with Bro. Lowell Snow, who is the founder of "Journey into the Presence of God". God has truly gifted Bro. Lowell to help churches come to the realization of our need to return to the altar of prayer and become once again true houses of prayer. Statistics show that in far too many of our churches, we have drifted away from the altar of prayer.

One of his sessions is entitled, "The Forgotten Altar of Prayer". This really spoke to my heart and I believe to the hearts of every pastor and layperson who attended the conference. It challenged us to make a commitment to have a deeper time of prayer in our churches and in our personal prayer time. One of our pastors has already had Bro. Lowell in his church and he said that the conference made a tremendous impact on his congregation. They are returning to becoming a true "house of prayer”.

Fellows, we desperately need our churches to return to being "houses of prayer" and I truly believe that having Bro. Lowell Snow in your association can help your churches see the urgent need to do just that.

God Bless,

Ken Barnard, Director of Missions, Central baptist Association, Benton, Arkansas

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Dear Brothers in Christ,

As Christians, we all desire to have a closer and more intimate relationship with God and we know that we can only attain this through daily communion with Him. With a desire for our church family to experience a deeper walk and commitment in prayer, we invited Bro. Lowell Snow to hold a prayer conference at our church and take us on a "Journey Into the Presence of God". Our members committed to a daily study of the prayer message and prayer time with Bro. Snow for four days, beginning at our Sunday a.m. worship and ending on Wednesday evening. After four days of prayer and worship, everyone in attendance became excited about what it truly meant to become a "House of Prayer". What a blessing we received!

Many of us long for a closer relationship with God, but we think that we do not know how or what to pray to access God's presence in our lives. This prayer study, "Journey Into the Presence of God", led by Bro. Snow both taught and enabled our members and leadership to experience an intimacy and power that had previously been lacking in our lives. We were taught that when we gain this intimacy and power, we can both individually and corporately become a true "House of Prayer" while seeing the Holy Spirit at work.

I recommend Bro. Snow as a most informative and dynamic Christian leader in the prayer message. If your church wants to learn more about prayer while becoming an effective "House of Prayer", I call you to invite Bro. Snow to join you as he takes you along with him on a most touching and rewarding "Journey Into the Presence of God".


Richard W. Smith, Pastor, Farley street Baptist Church, Waxahachie, TX

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Dear Brother Pastor:

August 14-16 our church family hosted a prayer renewal weekend with Lowell Snow. In thirty years of ministry I have never experienced such a powerful moving of the Spirit of the Lord as we experienced over this weekend. On Sunday evening following the event, we had a testimony service that began at 6pm. We finished that service three hours later and no person spoke more than once. Our precious folks gave testimony after testimony of the blessings of that weekend and how it impacted their lives.

During this event our church family met in large group times with Lowell teaching simple and powerful prayer principles that are life changing. We also met in small group prayer times, home prayer groups, and participated in prayer walks in the communities where our people live.

I saw families kneeling at the altar weeping and praying together. You could hear people weeping throughout the church as we were ushered into the presence of God. Several testified of broken relationships where forgiveness and restoration took place. It was truly a unique visitation from the Lord.

I am writing to share this with you with the hope that you might prayerfully consider having a prayer renewal weekend in your church. I truly wish every church in America could experience such a life changing weekend. I know you are very busy and I appreciate you taking time to read this letter and pray about inviting Lowell to come to your church. If the Lord leads you to invite him, I do not believe you will be disappointed.

Enclosed you will find a conference brochure and a response card with which you can order a free DVD about Lowell’s ministry. If you are interested, let me also encourage you to visit Lowell’s website at www.leadingprayer.com.

Thank you for your love for the Lord and the kingdom work you are doing for His glory. It is a joy to serve alongside of you as a fellow pastor in the Catawba Valley Baptist Association.


Dr. Ed Yount, pastor, Woodlawn Baptist Church, Conover, NC and president of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina

Follow up from Ed Yount,

Lowell,...Thanks for letting the Lord use you in such a powerful way. We made a decision Sunday night to let our Wednesday night services become true prayer meetings. This Wednesday we had twelve prayer groups engaging in conversational prayer with about a hundred people involved. ...We continue to enjoy the benefits of the prayer weekend...It was without a doubt the best thing we have ever experienced – including one service in our past where 49 people were saved! I praise the Lord for this life changing weekend. And I thank you for your obedience to Him and for coming to lead us to the throne room of our Father.


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Dear Brother in Christ,

It is with great passion that I would like to recommend to you one of the most meaningful spiritual renewal conferences called “Journey Into the Presence of God” by Rev. Lowell Snow. It will change your whole way of focusing in on the prayer life of your congregation.

This conference has impacted my prayer life and changed my understanding about leading others in prayer. You may be as I have been, that you want something that will go further than the last service of a renewal. This is one that we can build upon week after week, month after month.

The congregation here at Calvary really appreciated the fresh and challenging way Lowell Snow helped us to focus in on the awesome encounter with God in prayer.

We offer may prayers in public, but how often are we helping our congregations come before His presence themselves? It is our privilege to lead them, not just pray for them.

Seeking to Serve,

Arthur 0. Yount, pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, Newton, NC


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Dear fellow pastor,

First, thank you for taking time to read this letter. I want to share a word with you about a ministry that can truly strengthen your church. It is the ministry of Bro. Lowell Snow’s “Journey into the Presence of God”.

In praying God’s direction for Ridgeway Baptist Church, God placed Bro. Lowell’s ministry on my heart. I tried to go other directions but God would not let me move from His (God’s) direction. I can truthfully say that I am glad God did not let me go another direction. This was definitely God’s timing for Ridgeway.

Bro. Lowell came and ministered to our church in a powerful way. What Lowell brought was not another program but a process. “The Journey into the Presence of God”, is a process of bringing the church back to the principle, that God’s House is a House of Prayer.

What Lowell shares is both Biblical and practical. It has changed the way we pray in all of our services. Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday night. We now see the altar as the place we meet with God and God meets with us. Our prayer time is now a major part of our worship services.

I would highly recommend Bro. Lowell Snow as a man that will present the truth of God and relate to your people in a special way. He and his wife Peggy are warm and caring people.

Larry Sherman, pastor, Ridgeway Baptist Church, Nashville, AR

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Lowell & Peggy,

I can’t thank you enough for you coming to help us with our Lay Prayer Empowering Weekend. God is still doing mighty things in our midst and more people are becoming sensitive to the Holy Spirit. We have people praying at the altar each week; some are there because God has spoken to them!

John Davidson, Pastor – First Baptist Church of Carthage, MO

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