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Awakening Conference

Conference leader Lowell Snow by-passes churchy prayer and pop-culture spirituality on a quest for true spiritual awakening.

A cloud of counterfeit spirituality has descended on our culture. Several generations have sought a god-within but shunned the God in scripture. The institution of family has disintegrated and values have plunged. Now this sickening fog has infiltrated the church.

What can turn this tide? What book can rebuild family? What teaching can restore character? What spiritual guru can protect us from evil? None. Only a movement of God birthed in prayer can bring lasting change.

That's why this conference is not about prayer - it's about praying!


Prayer In the Real World

a conference of prayer for your church


Lowell Snow will guide your congregation to pray authentically in a world desperate for the real thing. Every session and service includes prayer and focuses on issues that real world believers need:

Sermons and Sessions:

These sermons and sessions can be formatted and arranged to meet the needs of the individual church. Some churches will format them like a Sunday through Wednesday revival. Others arrange it like a weekend conference or even a retreat. So sermons fit in the preaching time slot of a worship service while breakout sessions are fifty minute teaching times, but cover the same theme.

Sunday morning sermon – Praying With Purpose: [How to pray as a family])This message from I Tim.2:1-8 focuses on four ways we can pray together for others: supplication, prayers, intercession, and thanksgiving. These four kinds of prayer are used as a template for family prayer. It concludes with a 10-10-10 Challenge to 10 weeks of 10 minute family devotions in which your family prays for at least 10 people.

Sermon or Breakout SessionHearing God Speak: [Learning to recognize the voice of the shepherd] From John 10:4, we learn that Jesus expects His followers to learn to recognize His voice. A transistor radio is used as a prop to illustrate the four steps to hear God speak. The invitation is a call to listen to and obey His instructions.

Sermon or Breakout SessionPraying Down Strongholds: [Spiritual Warfare])In Psalms 51 we see King David, crushed by sin, coming to God for help and healing. His prayer is presented as a path to victory for those waging a spiritual battle against a repeating stronghold of sin in their life.

Sermon or Breakout Session Jesus Prayer - [Praying the prayer of Jesus for your loved ones] - The seventeenth chapter of John is perhaps the most amazing prayer ever recorded. In His last hours before the crucifixion, Jesus prays for His followers. In this session, seven attributes of that prayer are folded into a guide that will help you pray for those you love from cradle to eternity.

Sermon or Breakout Session Real Prayer Ministry - [How one congregation can change the world] - This vision of prayer ministry isn't two ladies for tea on Tuesday. This is in-the-devils-face praying by a congregation standing in the gap for a crumbling culture. This is foxhole prayer by a church that realizes their only hope is for God to show up. In this down to earth session, the congregation is confronted with the reality that prayer must be as much a part of church DNA as Bible study and worship.

Congregational Call to Prayer Prayer in the Real World - [A celebration in prayer] - Prayer Guide Lowell Snow leads the congregation in a service of sharing and praying. The teachings presented during the conference will impact their lives, but it's this service that they'll never forget.

Click here for Q & A about the conference.

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(Schedules are flexible.)




A word to pastors:

I love pastors and have the highest regard for your calling and position as shepherd of your congregation. I won't do anything to complicate or frustrate your relationship with the people of your church.

1. My mission is to be a catalyst for the revival of prayer in any church that proclaims the basic doctrines of the Christian faith. My background, education, and affiliation is Southern Baptist.

2. Click here to read a few testimonials. If you'd like to talk with a pastor who's familiar with my ministry, please feel free to ask for references.

3. No matter how great an event may be; it accomplishes little if the people don't attend. Therefore I provide detailed promotional materials to help you prepare for this exciting time of prayer, inspiration, and training. I provide a schedule planning guide, motivational materials and even check lists for the key church leaders involved in promoting and conducting the conference. I also provide many promotional materials as free downloads or at a minimal price for printing.

4. Questions regarding speaking in tongues or spiritual prayer languages will be referred to you, the pastor.

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We are a faith based ministry and rely on churches to support us financially. See the second page of our Conference Request Form for more details.


Schedule a conference

  1. Please don't hesitate to contact us to just talk even if you're not sure if this conference meets your needs.
  2. When you're ready to move forward; Contact us and give us some idea when you would like to have the conference and we'll set a tentative date.
  3. We'll then send you a Conference Request Form along with some promotional materials to be presented to church leadership and/or congregation. The request form is to be approved by the congregation and returned to us for confirmation of the date.
  4. We'll then send a Planning Kit to help church staff and leadership prepare for the conference.
  5. email: Click Here

    phone: 479-846-1982.

    regular mail: Click Here, then print, fill out, and return the form. We'll contact you as soon as we receive your request.

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    Lowell's suggestions:

    Sunday through Wednesday is best - If your congregation turns out for Sunday through Wednesday revival meetings, that schedule is best. It gives me more time to teach the concepts and develop a relationship with the congregation.

    Sunday/Monday appeals to busy families - This schedule works well in many churches. Starting on Sunday gives me an opportunity to demonstrate to the whole congregation what I'll be teaching. People who would never sign up for a prayer retreat or weekend will come back to the Sunday evening and Monday sessions because they've experienced an authentic encounter with God. Also, compacting the sessions into two days appeals to many busy families.

    A retreat is great for leadership - A retreat works well when you're wanting to do something special with leadership. There's something about getting away that communicates, "This is important and my pastor actually expects me to apply it to my life."

    A weekend schedule at the church works for those who can't come on weeknights - A Friday night through Sunday (or Sat./Sun) conference may work better if your congregation has work and family obligations on weeknights. For this schedule, promotion is very important in getting folks committed in advance.

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    Q & A


    Q. What is a conference of prayer?

    A. The conference of prayer is a series of prayer times, worship services, and training sessions, led by Lowell Snow, usually in a local church with the purpose of helping the church become a praying church.

    Q. Is it like a revival?

    A. Some pastors promote it as being a revival with an emphasis on prayer. In some situations the evening sessions are conducted like revival services, but in other churches they're conducted as teaching sessions. That's up to the church, but either way, many folks are revived spiritually during the conference. In fact, pastors often tell me that the prayer emphasis had more spiritual impact than any event they've ever held.

    Q. Will it have lasting change in people's lives?

    A. Prayer changes things. More accurately, God changes people when He has a chance to communicate with them. We've only been doing these 'Real World' conferences a short time and don't have any hard evidence, but people are telling us that this conference really blesses them in their personal relationship with God.

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    Q. How much actual prayer is involved in the conference?

    A. Every service and breakout session has at least one prayer time. These are usually five to seven minutes in length and model the Prayer Guide techniques. When possible, I close-out the conference with a 'Call to Prayer' which is a one hour prayer meeting.

    Q. Are people who attend the conference required to pray out loud?

    A. No. It's not uncommon for people to tell me that they've prayed out loud for the first time in their life, but it's made clear in every session that no one is required to pray out loud.

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    Q. How does this conference actually help the church become a praying church?

    A. First of all, the people will be motivated to spend more time in personal and family devotions. Beyond that, there's a strong emphasis on the blessing and power of a congregation that prays not only for each other, but also prays in agreement for the lost world around them. The message on Real Prayer Ministry is a practical and eye opening teaching that inspires many to action.

    Q. Is the conference for everyone or just the church leadership?

    A. The conference is intended for everyone from teenagers up.

    Q. What if I'm interested, but not sure?

    A. We have a Promotional DVD that's free to pastors. It's the same videos that can be viewed on the 'Journey' web page so they're not from this conference. However, it's a good representation of this conference as well. If God leads, share it with church leadership and ask them to pray about it. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. If God continues to lead, contact us for available dates.

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    Q. What financial commitments are involved? Is there a minimum?

    A. We are committed to going to any church where we feel led to minister regardless of their ability to support us financially. Therefore, we have no minimum requirement, but do expect the church to support us as best they can. The back of the Conference Request Form has a place for the church to indicate what financial support they are able to provide.

    Retreats and multi church events may involve a charge per participant. Contact me if you have questions or extenuating circumstances. We go to all size churches.

    Q. What's involved in preparing for the Prayer In the Real World conference of prayer?

    A. After the church has voted to host the conference and a date has been confirmed; we'll send a packet of preparation materials which contains folders for the Pastor, Event Coordinator, Worship Leader, Prayer Coordinator, Publicity Director, and Media Director. These leaders, working together as an event preparation team will insure that the church is prepared both spiritually and logistically without overworking any one person.

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    Q. What if we'd like to host a conference, but just can't afford it?

    A. If God is leading; there's always a way. Please contact us.

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    The conference can be formatted to fit your schedule, but here are several options to help you plan your conference.

    Schedule options: Click Here

    If you need the schedules in Word format: click here

    We sometimes combine this conference with the 'Journey' conference for a Prayer Revival. To see schedule options for the Prayer Revival: Click Here

    (Schedules are flexible.)

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