Hosting a 'layover' Saturday Conference

On occasion, Lowell has a layover between two conferences in the same area. Because travel expenses have already been paid, we offer this conference with no travel expense to any church that will commit to hosting the event.

Once a church has committed to hosting the event; we publicize it to other churches in the area and charge $25 per person ($35 per couple) to those who attend. This registration fee includes one Prayer Guide book.

Here's what we require from a hosting church:

  • housing - This can be a motel or church member's home. (no smoking & no pets)
  • a firm commitment to host the event even if no church members attend.
  • the presence of a church staff member for the entire conference.
  • a room to accommodate at least 25 people sitting at tables.
  • the room to be clean, tables set up, and at a comfortable temperature prior to the event.
  • a table set up near the entrance where we can receive payments and sell materials
  • any necessary janitorial service during and after the event.
  • clean and serviced restrooms during the event.
  • sound system set up and working properly prior to the event.
  • a large screen (or white wall) on which to project Power Point presentations.
  • a good video projector with computer cord and an extra bulb . (most associations have these)
  • a cart or table for a laptop computer and the projector to sit on. (don't forget an extension cord)
  • a phone number for people to call to make reservations during business hours. If the host church doesn't have a full time secretary, the Associational office might be asked to provide this service.

We try to make churches in the area aware when these opportunities arise, but feel free to contact us and ask about availability in your area. If there's none right now; we'll put you on the 'layover list' and contact you when an opportunity aries in your area.


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