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Lowell SnowA Conference of Prayer for the local church

These prayer times, teaching sessions, and messages will help your church become a Biblical house of prayer by motivating and training the people to draw closer to God in both their devotional life and corporate prayer times. They will begin to come expecting to pray and be prayed for as their small groups begin to implement the prayer guide technifques.


The Journey Into the Presence of God is a pilgrimage of prayer. Every session and service includes a prayer time in which I seek to lead the group into God's presence and guide them through an intimate conversation with Him. There are two worship services, four breakout sessions, and a concluding call to prayer. Every church is encouraged to arrange the pilgrimage in a way that best meets their needs.

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  3. Click here for a video explanation of the conference by Lowell Snow.

Worship service

Worship Service #1 - Talking With God - [Talking With God In Private] - At the heart of the song service, I lead a prayer time that will bring your congregation into a corporate encounter with God like most of them have never experienced. The sermon is an enlightening and challenging message on the importance of a conversational relationship with God which concludes with a commitment to daily devotions. I prefer this service to be on Sunday morning.

Commitment to Daily Devotions

Worship Service #2 - The Forgotten Altar - [Talking With God in Worship] - This service is devoted to bringing prayer back to the heart of worship. The message, The Forgotten Altar of Prayer, points out that God's placement of the Altar of Incense reveals that prayer has always been the heart of worship from His point of view. This service also contains a time of corporate prayer during the song service. The invitation is a rededication of the altar of prayer.

Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session #1 - Prayer Basics - [Talking With God in Public] - The first half of this session lays two foundational principles of prayer: Our need and God's ability to meet that need. The rest of the session is devoted to helping Christians pray authentic public prayers. New Christians often say this session takes away much of their fear of public praying and long time Christians say it challenges them to be more genuine in their public prayer.

Breakout Session #2 - Prayer Guide Techniques - [Talking With God in Groups] - One of the greatest hindrances to the revival of prayer is the lack of trained prayer leaders. At the heart of my ministry is the 'Prayer Guide' method of leading group prayer. I model these techniques in the prayer times throughout the pilgrimage, but in this session I teach four simple techniques that can truly change a congregation forever.

Breakout Session #3 - The Great Commission of Prayer - [Talking With God about your Problems] - In Matthew 18:18-20, Jesus gives His followers some incredible prayer promises that apply directly to our most difficult issues of life- relationship problems. In this session, which includes my testimony of redemption through the prayers of a Godly family, I teach the importance and Biblical power of praying with a prayer partner. Many tell me that this is the most power session for them personally. Because this is a teaching that Jesus only taught to his followers, I prefer to teach it in intimate situations and often schedule it several times during a pilgrimage. A sidebar of this study is that it reveals the absolute absurdity of the 'name it and claim it' approach to prayer.

Teaching Church Leaders

Breakout Session #4 - Building the House of Prayer - [Talking With God as Church Leaders] - Twenty years from now, if your church has actually become a House of Prayer; you will likely look back to this session as a turning point. For a church to become a House of Prayer; the staff and lay leadership must first understand what a House of Prayer is and then have a plan for building and maintaining it. Using up to date research and Biblical teaching, the New Testament House of Prayer is shown to be the superior model upon which to build a church. A time of brainstorming is included along with suggested resources and administrative goals. You'll want to give personal invitations to all of your key leadership for this session.

Call to Prayer

Congregational Call to Prayer - Being the House of Prayer - [Talking With God as a Church] - When I ask pastors, "What was your favorite part of the pilgrimage?" they usually point to the conclusion of this prayer service. In practical terms, this is a workshop of all the techniques and principles I've taught during the pilgrimage. More importantly, it's a gathering of the congregation at the Throne of God. It concludes with the entire congregation gathered around the altar and pulpit for a time of sharing and praying for the Fruits of the Spirit.

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Lowell's teaching is interesting and challenging

The conference is also available on DVD

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A word to pastors:

Click here for a seven minute video message from Lowell.

I love pastors and have the highest regard for your calling and position as shepherd of your congregation. I won't do anything to complicate or frustrate your relationship with the people of your church.

1. I will emphasize that prayer should be central in the life and worship of the church. If possible, listen to the audio recordings in the upper left of this page to get a good idea of where I want to lead your congregation in regards to corporate prayer.

2. My mission is to be a catalyst for the revival of prayer in any church that proclaims the basic doctrines of the Christian faith. My background, education, and affiliation is Southern Baptist, but I'm happy to minister in other denominations.

3. Click here to read a few testimonials. If you'd like to talk with a pastor who's familiar with my ministry, please feel free to ask for references.

4. Click here to receive a free copy of my Promotional DVD. (See description below.)

5. No matter how great an event may be; it accomplishes little if the people don't attend. Therefore I provide detailed promotional materials to help you prepare for this exciting time of prayer, inspiration, and training. I provide a schedule planning guide, motivational materials and even check lists for the key church leaders involved in promoting and conducting the conference. I also provide many promotional materials as free downloads or at a minimal price for printing.

6. Questions regarding speaking in tongues or spiritual prayer languages will be referred to you, the pastor.

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We are a faith based ministry and rely on churches to support us as God leads them.

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Schedule a Journey Into the Presence of God:

  1. Contact us in the way that's most convenient for you and tell us when you would like to schedule the conference. Lowell will respond within 24 hours and set a tentative date.
  2. We'll send you a Conference Request Form along with some promotional materials to be presented to church leadership and/or congregation. The request form is to be approved and returned to us for confirmation of the date.
  3. We'll then send a Planning Kit to help church staff and leadership prepare for the conference.

email: Click Here

phone: 479-846-1982.

regular mail: Click Here, then print, fill out, and return the form. We'll contact you as soon as we receive your request.

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Promotional DVD and Brochure

$1.00 plus S&H

This DVD contains the same three video segments viewable below and at the top of this page. The purpose of the DVD is to promote the conference to your leadership and congregation. The quality of the DVD is better than the You Tube video and of course the format more practical. We include one of these in the free planning kit that we send to churches that have scheduled a conference.

  1. Click here to preview the one minute publicity video suitable for promotions during a worship service
  2. Click here to preview the seven minute preview of the conference that's great for showing to church leadership.
  3. Click here to preview the seven minute explanation of the conference by Lowell Snow.

Pastor, if you're wanting to host a conference and need a Promo DVD to show to your staff and leadership; Click here and we'll send it for free. (USA only)

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Lowell's suggestions:

The Sunday - Monday schedule works well in many churches. Starting on Sunday gives me an opportunity to demonstrate to the whole congregation what I'll be teaching. People who would never sign up for a prayer retreat or weekend will come back to the Sunday evening and Monday sessions because they've experienced an authentic encounter with God. Also, compacting the sessions into two days seems to be appealing to busy families. However, because it's hard to retain so much information in such a short time, a follow up study of the book is encouraged.

I love a retreat setting. It's works best when you're wanting to do something special with your church leadership. There's something about getting away that communicates, "This is important and my pastor actually expects me to apply it to my life." Special financial arrangements may be necessary if the retreat doesn't carry over to the Sunday services.

If your congregation turns out for Sunday through Wednesday revival meetings, that schedule is best. It gives me more time to teach the concepts and develop a relationship with the congregation. I love to conclude these conferences with a call to prayer that always proves to be the spiritual high point for many. I also have an optional prayer revival format. (see descriptions above)

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Q & A


Q. What is a conference of prayer?

A. The Journey Into the Presence of God conference of prayer is a series of prayer times, worship services, and training sessions, led by Lowell Snow, usually in a local church with the purpose of helping the church become a house of prayer.

Q. Is The Journey Into the Presence of God conference of prayer like a revival?

A. Some pastors promote it as being a revival with an emphasis on prayer. Indeed, many folks are revived spiritually during the conference. In fact, pastors often tell me that leaders in their church say afterward that the conference had more spiritual impact than any event they've ever had. However, it should be understood that evangelism is not the emphasis and the break out sessions are teaching times, not worship services.

Q. Why do you say it will 'change the church forever'?

A. Prayer changes things. More accurately, God changes things when He has a chance to communicate with His people. Most Christians and churches waste a great deal of time doing 'good' things that aren't really 'God' things. By improving the prayer communication skills of the church, it becomes more and more in tune with the Heavenly Father.

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Q. Is everyone expected to purchase the Prayer Guide book.

A. Much of the content of the conference comes from the Prayer Guide book and folks are encouraged to purchase the book, but it is not required. In some situations where a registration fee is involved, the book is included in the registration.

Q. How much actual prayer is involved in the conference?

A. Every service and breakout session has at least one prayer time. These are usually five to seven minutes in length and model the Prayer Guide techniques. When possible, I close-out the conference with a 'Call to Prayer' which is a one hour prayer meeting. (see description above)

Q. Are people who attend the conference required to pray out loud?

A. No. It's not uncommon for people to tell me that they've prayed out loud for the first time in their life, but it's made clear in every session that no one is required to pray out loud.

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Q. Does it produce lasting change in people's lives?

A. We did a survey of folks who'd attended the conference at least one year before. The most common lasting change was in the prayer life of individuals. Almost 90% said their pray life had improved.

Q. How does this conference actually help the church become a house of prayer?

A. Like other prayer conferences, the people will be motivated to spend more time in personal devotions and gain a better understanding of how to communicate with their Heavenly Father. Also, church leadership will learn the Biblical meaning of house of prayer and presented goals and administrative tasks to build a culture of prayer within the life of the church. However, the thing that sets this conference apart is the Prayer Guide method of leading group prayer.

One of the biggest hindrances to the house of prayer is the fact that most churches have no trained prayer leaders. This results in group prayer that is often boring and ineffective. On average, about 10% of the congregation will make a commitment to becoming a Prayer Guide and will purchase the Prayer Guide book.

This combination of teaching, commitment, and an enduring resource will go a long way toward building the house of prayer. In our survey, 20% said this conference was the most effective event that had ever been held in their church.

Q. Is the conference for everyone or just the church leadership?

A. Everyone. With the exception of the staff meeting; the conference is intended for everyone from teenagers up.

Q. What if I'm interested, but not sure?

A. Order the Free Promotional DVD. If God leads, share it with church leadership and ask them to pray about it. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. If God continues to lead, contact us for available dates.

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Q. What's involved in preparing for the Journey Into the Presence of God conference of prayer?

A. We'll send a packet of preparation materials which contains folders for the Pastor, Event Coordinator, Worship Leader, Publicity Director, and Media person. These leaders, working together as an event preparation team will insure that the church is prepared both spiritually and logistically without overworking any one person.

Q. What financial considerations are involved? Is there a minimum required?

A. There is no minimum. I am completely dependent on God's provision through the generous giving of His churches. Generally I receive a love offering, expenses (50.5 cents a mile/plane fare plus meals and lodging), and opportunity to sell materials.

If the church prefers to set the remuneration in advance, I provide a financial needs sheet for church leadership to consider and accept whatever they deem appropriate for their situation. This method consistently provides the strongest support for our ministry.

Retreats and multi church events may involve a charge per participant. Contact me if you have questions or extenuating circumstances. We go to all size churches.

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Q. What if we'd like to host a conference, but just can't afford it?

A. Here are some ecconomical options that make it possible for any church to have a conference of prayer:

  1. Sometimes we're able to do a Layover Conference when we have a layover between two conferences in the same area. Contact us and ask to be placed on our 'layover' list and we'll contact you if the opportunity arises.
  2. We have this conference in a DVD kit. The kit includes five sessions on five DVDs, a bonus materials CD, a Promo DVD, a Prayer Guide book, and a Viewing Guide. In short - everything you need to present the conference to your congregation or small group except the DVD player.
  3. The North American Mission Board sponcers a Prayer Empowering Weekend that uses much of the material from this conference. This is a 'lay renewal' in which a group of volunteers come to your church for a weekend and lead your congregation in teaching, worship, and discussion groups. The teaching sessions can be led by you or a volunteer using a teaching guide that we wrote. There's also a video of the prayer times and teaching sessions provided by the mission board that we recorded in their studio in Atlanta, GA.

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