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Hearing God Speak

by Lowell Snow

God wants to guide you on the epic adventure of life that He created you for, but first you must learn to hear His instructions.

Like the static that can prevent you from hearing a program on the radio; the world produces all kinds of interference that prevents you from Hearing God Speak. With a radio, you adjust it for maximum reception and remove the interference. Hearing God Speak uses that simple analogy to help you adjust your life so that you can best hear God’s instructions.

If you're interested in living a life tuned-in to God; get this book.


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Lowell Snow

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An excellent study for you or your small group

  • 4"x 7 " Paperback
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author Lowell Snow

Lowell Snow has taught people how to encounter God through prayer in conferences across the country and his Prayer Guide-A Manual for Leading Prayer is one of the most practical volumes on prayer leadership available today. Now he’s turned that ‘how-to’ practicality to one of the most important issues of the Christian life: Hearing God Speak.


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