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The Forgotten Altar

by Lowell Snow

Prayer is the heart of worship. Not prayers from the pulpit - congregational prayer.

Congregational prayer is not an option to plug in from time to time for special emphasis. God intends congregational prayer to be the heart of every worship service.

      • There's nothing nearer to the heart of God than His people's prayers.
      • There's nothing more worshipful than God's people praying.
      • There's no better time to unleash the power of prayer than during worship.


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Lowell Snow


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author Lowell Snow

Lowell Snow has taught people how to encounter God through prayer in conferences across the country and his Prayer Guide-A Manual for Leading Prayer is one of the most practical volumes on prayer leadership available today. Now he’s turned that ‘how-to’ practicality to one of the most important issues in church life today: prayer in worship.


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