Lowell invites you on a personal pilgrimage of prayer that will radically change the way you view this key discipline of the Christian life.

Tom Elliff - Senior Vice-President for Spiritual Nurture and Church Relations - International Mission Board of the SBC.


I appreciate the practicality of your Prayer Guide because many prayer leaders do not know the first step toward facilitating a prayer experience that really connects people to God.

Phil Miglioratti
National Pastors' Prayer Network (NPPN.org)

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Many say that this is the most practical book of leading prayer they've ever seen. Look at the table of contents below and you'll see that there are twenty-six chapters of insight and instruction on virtually any prayer leadership situation you might encounter. From saying a prayer before a little league game or in a hospital room to guiding a prayer time for thousands, this is the book you need. It's divided into five parts to facilitate teaching and there's a study guide with discussion questions at the end of each chapter.

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Chapters related to specific types of prayer begin with a Biblical overview of the issues then present practical step by step suggestions on how to lead the prayer or prayer time. Check lists are included and there’s even an Index to help you locate particular issues when new prayer leadership opportunities arise or a refresher is needed.

Here's a brief description of each section:

Part One – Prayer Basics: These chapters introduce enlightening principles that underlie public and group prayer. Here, you’ll begin learning the nuts and bolts of public prayer.

Part Two – Saying & Leading Public Prayer: This section is written for those who want to pray in public confidently and authentically. From saying a prayer at a sporting event to leading a simple group prayer time, each chapter can stand alone as a reference for a particular kind of public prayer.

Part Three – Group Prayer Techniques: If a prayer leader is to graduate to being a prayer guide , he or she must learn to guide others into the Lord’s presence. With the techniques taught in these chapters; any prayer event can become an encounter with God.

Part Four – Guiding Group Prayer: From leading a prayer walk to guiding a large congregation in prayer for an hour or more, these chapters help you apply the techniques learned in Part 3.

Part Five – Guiding Prayer in Worship: The greatest need in many churches today is meaningful congregational prayer at the heart of worship. Applying the prayer guide concepts and techniques to this vital area of church life will return congregational prayer to its rightful place.


This truly is the manual of prayer leadership that every servant of God needs and every church should have in their library.


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From saying a prayer before a little league game or in a hospital room to guiding a prayer time for many or few; this book provides the nuts and bolts of saying, leading, and guiding prayer.

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