The Worship Profile Kit


Eph 5:15-16

See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil.  NKJV



Often, the church and staff have a ‘sense’ that their worship services are not up to expectations, but can’t put their finger on what needs to be changed. That’s where the Worship Profile Kit comes in. It actually guides church leaders through three steps:


Ø      Conducting the profile,

Ø      Evaluating the results,

Ø      Making recommendations.


The Profile

Success is in the details and the Worship Profile Kit will document over twenty details of worship that reveal whether a church is actually giving quality time to the things it deems important. For instance, if a congregation wants to be a house of prayer, but finds that they only spend two minutes in monologue prayer and fifteen seconds in corporate prayer, but ten minutes on announcements; they’ve got some significant adjustments to make.

Another detail that is often brought to light by a worship profile is wasted time. One profile revealed thirty-five seconds in which a soloist walked from the congregation to the podium, talked privately with the accompanist, then found a microphone. Her half-minute parade didn’t seem to bother her at all, but multiply it by the 200 people sitting in the pews and it amounted to almost two hours of boredom.

Much more common is the six to fifteen second pauses that fill the average service. In one church, with over 1,500 present, those little interludes-of-nothing totaled a minute, twenty-eight seconds. Multiplied by the attendance, that’s over thirty-six hours of wasted Kingdom time.

Whether it’s a little issue like ‘dead time’ between songs or a major one like bringing significant congregational prayer into the heart of worship, a profile gives worship leaders an undeniable picture of what they’re doing and not doing. The Worship Profile Kit provides:


Ø      Detailed instruction sheets for those conducting the profile.

Ø      Blank work sheets that can be copied as needed.

Ø      A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to ‘crunch’ the numbers and produce a report.


The Evaluation

The information provided by the profile is interesting, but will do the church little good until evaluated in relation to the priorities and mission of the church. The Worship Profile Kit provides a detailed and systematic process for this task. It can be used by a single staff member or a committee of church leaders to dissect the information, produce a report, and make recommendations.

Sometimes, significant change is needed. More often, it’s just subtle changes in technique and emphasis. Either way, basing those changes on hard facts and solid evaluation can make all the difference in how the changes are perceived and received by a congregation. The kit includes:


Ø      Profile Evaluation and Report Instruction Sheets.

Ø      Committee meeting agendas for the evaluation process.

Ø      A sample profile and report.


When effectively evaluated and processed, this picture of worship, provided by the worship profile, becomes a powerful tool in helping the church become more Christ centered and affective in worship.