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Quick tips from Prayer Guide Lowell Snow:

  1. The Biblical solemn assembly was a one time event in response to a crisis rather than a regular scheduled event on the church calendar.
  2. If the congregation doesn't feel the need for the assembly before it begins; they're not ready to participate in it.
  3. Repentance and prayer are the heart of a solemn assembly. Sermons on these topics should be preached leading up to but not included in the assembly.
  4. In planning a solemn assembly; many pastors make the mistake of using their worship service as a template. The alter call or invitation is a better place to start.
  5. A fast should be considered leading up to the solemn assembly.
  6. If the group is large; make arrangements for multiple microphones so every public prayer and testimony can be heard by all.
  7. Don't open the floor to prayer requests. Stay focused on the need for which the assembly was called.
  8. Use several techniques of corporate prayer: guided silent prayer, conversational prayer, huddle groups, and round-robin prayer.
  9. Study chapter 20 starting on page 111 in the Prayer Guide book. It will not only help you plan and carry out the assembly; it will help you do it in the right way for the right reasons.

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Prayer Guide - A Manual for Leading Prayer has a whole chapter on preparations for, planning, and leading an extended large group prayer meeting such as a solemn assembly. It's available in eBook or paperback and is considered by some to be the most practical book on leading prayer available today. If you want to preview the chapter on solemn assemblies; Click here to see the book at Click on 'Look Inside' and search for 'solemn assembly'.

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