Three tips from Prayer Guide Lowell Snow:

  1. Prepare. After you ask the group to bow their heads; don't begin your prayer immediately. Give yourself a few seconds to make these preparations:
    1. Imagine yourself on your knees before the throne of God with the group gathered behind you.
    2. Ask yourself the question - Why am I here? That's 'why am I in the throne room of God'? The answer to that question will be the focus of your prayer.
  2. Don't make a speech. Don't try to empress the people in the room - pray for the needs of the people in the room. With that said, your prayer will have three parts:
    1. Salutation - Jesus taught us in the model prayer to begin by honoring the Heavenly Father in some way. Give praise to Him for something wonderful He's done or thank Him for some blessing He's given.
    2. Petition - Pray specifically and in faith about the answer to the question you asked in your preparation. Don't preach about them, pray for them.
    3. Benediction - Don't be afraid to pray a short prayer. You are not heard in the Throne Room for your 'much speaking'.(Matt.6:7) There are many Biblical benedictions, but the most common is: "In Jesus Name, Amen."
  3. Never pray a religion neutral prayer. Too many of your brothers and sisters in Christ have been martyred rather than dishonor the savior in this way.
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