I’m very aware that many prayer ministry teams are under… well under-everything: under funded, under equipped, under appreciated, and under trained. However, focusing on that temporal reality only leads to frustration, depression, and doubt. You will do well to meditate on Christ’s parable of the talents. He appreciates your work and so do I.

Here are some quick tips:

  1. Upgrade the prayer list – Have two lists: one with all the details for the prayer ministry group and an edited list for the congregation. Each entry on the prayer ministry list should also have: a date for when it was received, date of the most recent update, contact information, and weather or not the information is confidential. It should be a priority to keep this information up to date. If an item hasn't been updated; remove it or call the contact and update it.

  2. Keep the prayer list fresh and exciting . Advertise the prayer ministry in the community so you always have new requests coming in as answers are going out. When people give you a request, ask them to tell you as specifically as possible what they want the team to pray for then pray big on their behalf.

  3. Pray topically. Lead the team members to pray short prayers for one need at a time. This conversational approach to prayer is more natural and helps the group pray in agreement.

  4. Don't forget prayer team needs. Be an under-shepherd to them. Pray as earnestly for each other as you do for the folks on the prayer list.

  5. Keep your team connected to those they pray for. Provide postcards and stamps so they can write personal notes each week to a few of the folks they've prayed for. Keep track of who's contacted so everyone on the list receives a card every few weeks.

  6. Don't get in a rut. Plan your prayer times so they're a little different each time. Prayer Guide - A Manual for Leading Prayer could be a big help to you.
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Want to know more?

Prayer Guide - A Manual for Leading Prayer is considered by some to be the most practical book on leading prayer available today. Click here to be transferred to a page where you can read several chapters for free. My book is not about administrating a prayer ministry, but the Prayer Guide techniques will help you guide your group prayer times much more effectively.

Interview with National Pastor's Prayer Network Many of the questions in this interview apply the Prayer Guide principles to the needs of prayer ministry teams and their leaders. Skim through the questions to find sections that are helpful to you.

Click here to ask a question. Prayer Guide Lowell Snow will get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours. Be sure to include your email address.

Echo Prayer Manager is an easy to use online personal prayer list to help folks pray more diligently. It sends prayer reminders to an individual's email address and/or cell phone at predetermined times. Be aware that the information on the prayer list is hosted on the Echo server, but if you're Ok with that; it's a pretty cool idea that might appeal to a lot of your congregation. I don't think it's set up to send reminders to a lot of people. It's more of an individual thing.

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Journey Into the Presence of God

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