Want to improve your mid-week prayer service?

Don't try to do so much. Determine the primary purpose of the service and focus on it. If it's to pray over the church prayer list, (#1 below) then focus on that and eliminate or greatly reduce everything else. If it's to be a mid-week refueling stop for weary Christian soldiers, (#2 below) then surrender the prayer list to a prayer ministry that meets at another time and focus the mid-week prayer service on Kingdom needs and the needs of those who attend. Here are a few suggestions for each emphasis:

Which type of prayer service do you have?

  1. Praying over the prayer list is the focus of our meeting -
    • Make time for prayer. - Use as much time as you need for prayer and adjust everything else to it.
    • Upgrade the list – Each entry on the prayer list should: have as much detail as possible, have dates for when it was received and updated, a phone number to call for updates, and an up-to-date address for sending cards to persons prayed for.
    • Pray for every need. If the list is long, separate into huddle groups and divide up the list, but be sure every need is lifted up in prayer by at least one person.
    • Pray topically. Teach the group to pray short prayers for one need at a time.
  2. Praying for spiritual refreshing is the focus of our meeting -
    • Begin the prayer time with scripture. This will focus their attention and let God begin the conversation.
    • Use prayer by suggestion. Guide the whole group through a silent prayer time by giving them suggestions of what to pray for: praise, then thanksgiving, then confession, and then their own personal needs, etc.
    • Pray topically for a few of the most pressing needs from the church prayer list. Present these needs to the group one at a time. After explaining the need, ask the group to pray short prayers only about that need. Tell them they can pray as often as they want, but to keep their prayers short so the prayer can involve more people. The whole church prayer list can be given to this group to take home, but should not be the focus of this meeting.
    • Pray for Kingdom needs. Using the topical method; pray for at least as many Kingdom needs as you have health needs.
    • Pray for each other. Don't pray for the whole world and leave out the people in the room. Some will want to share their need with the whole group, but most would rather separate in to small huddle groups where they can share and pray for each other.

Friend, don't worry about how many people come to a prayer meeting. Focus on how many people at the prayer meeting enter the presence of God.

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