Here are some quick tips from Prayer Guide Lowell Snow:

  1. Put congregational prayer at the heart of worship. See the page on pastoral prayer.
  2. Recruit and train a prayer coordinator. Congregations often loose their focus on prayer when a 'praying pastor' leaves because he failed to give prayer the same administrative support as Sunday School or even the flower committee.
    1. Approve a job description and include it with other key positions.
    2. Recruit a gifted lay person to promote the prayer life of the church and administrate programs related to prayer.
    3. Train them and give them a budget just like any other important position of leadership.
    4. Keep in mind that many folks who are great prayer warriors are not gifted to be administrators. Recruit wisely.
  3. Build a great prayer ministry team. See page on prayer ministry.
  4. Calendarize Prayer.
    1. Have a church wide daily devotion emphasis once a year.
    2. Have a guest speaker occasionally.
    3. Participate in special emphases like 24 hour prayer vigils when the church is approaching a big event or decision.
  5. Build a culture of prayer.
    1. Pray First! Make prayer the first response, not the last resort.
    2. Wait on the Lord. Model and teach the principle of waiting on God. Teach committees and program leaders to make decisions based on the revealed will of God.
    3. Be accountable. Teach staff, church leaders, and teachers to ask each other; "What has God been saying to you lately?"
    4. Train Prayer Guides. Train all staff to guide an effective 30 minute prayer time. (not including devotional and prayer requests.) Train all church leadership to lead a 15 minute prayer time.
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4 Steps to the House of Prayer

Helping you build a praying church is the heart of my ministry. To this end, I've developed a four step process in which I help you guide your church toward being the House of Prayer.

  1. First I lead your church in the Prayer in the Real World conference to awaken the congregation to their need for a personal prayer relationship with the Father.
  2. A few months later, I lead a training seminar for church leaders and teachers called Building the House of Prayer.
  3. Then all church leadership and teachers do a study of my book, Prayer Guide - A Manual for Leading Prayer.
  4. Upon completion of that study, I come back for the Journey Into the Presence of God conference of prayer.

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Journey Into the Presence of God

Let Prayer Guide Lowell Snow bring this pilgrimage of prayer to your congregation.

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