Four quick tips from Prayer Guide Lowell Snow:

1. Let God speak first. After you ask the congregation to bow for prayer, begin with an easily understood scripture or short passage. (pg.71 in Prayer Guide book)

2. Guide the prayer time. The most effective form of congregational prayer is guided silent prayer. If you use this technique regularly, it will help your people learn to pray Biblicly in their personal lives. (pg.63 in P.G. book)

3. Use a Biblical progression. As you guide the silent prayer, use a progression like Jesus used in the model prayer. Many find the ACTS acrostic helpful:

4. Supplications: Personal and Kingdom. One of the greatest advantages to silent prayer times is that individuals can talk to God about personal issues. Guide them to do this, but don't conclude a prayer time without also guiding them to pray specificly for some Kingdom need.

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First person Prayer Time - Here's a prayer time written out in first person so the prayer leader can read it word for word to lead their group or congregation in a 12 minute prayer time. I wrote it for the Day of Fasting and Prayer, Jan.31, 2010.

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Journey Into the Presence of God

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