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Dear friend,


Iím so glad that youíve come to my web site and perhaps found something helpful. You are welcome to use it and I pray that God blesses it in your hands. However, before you share it with someone else, please read the following.


Copyright material:

My web site and almost everything on it is copyright material. Youíll find the copyright symbol at the bottom of each page and at the beginning of most of the articles. Some of it, especially things in the archive, have been published in magazines that paid for the copyright. Also, in the USA, any material with a Ďbyí line, like ďby Lowell SnowĒ is legally protected copyright material whether itís been registered or not.


So what does that mean to you? Absolutely it means that you can't sell it or publish it in any publication that's sold. Beyond that; even though itís in your possession or on your computer, it still belongs to me.


Terms of use:

By putting these materials on the web site, Iíve granted you permission to use the material but you must have my by-line (by Lowell Snow) and my web site address (www.leadingprayer.com) on it in a conspicuous position like the beginning or end.


If youíve found material on the site that you feel would be beneficial to someone, my first desire would be that you direct them to the site. If thatís not practical, use the guidelines above. If youíre making multiple copies, Iíd appreciate a brief email explaining your situation and how and where itís being used. If you use something and edit it, you should add your name as 'edited by' or something like that.


Professional courtesy:

You do not need permission to quote me. Individual quotes can not be longer than a few paragraphs and must give me credit to be legal. Iíd appreciate the courtesy of including my web site address as well.



God Bless,

Lowell Snow