Lowell Snow - Lay Renewal Weekend

Outlines and PowerPoint files

Dear Media Operator,

Thank you for your service to our Lord. When I arrive, I will have a notebook for you with all the outlines printed in color and a memory stick with all the PowerPoints. The following is provided so you can become familar with them ahead of time.

The PowerPoint slides are numbered on the outline so I can direct you forward or back if I chase a rabbit or need to skip something.

This is copyright material for your use. Please do not make this link available beyond your ministry team.

Thanks again. I look forward to working with you.

Lowell Snow


Friday night:

> session: Prayer Basics - Outline - PowerPoint

Saturday morning:

> session: Prayer Guide Techniques - Outline - PowerPoint

Saturday night:

> session: The Great Commission of Prayer- Outline - PowerPoint

Sunday morning Sunday School hour:

> session: The Forgotten Altar- Outline - PowerPoint

Sunday morning worship service:

> session: Talking With God- Outline - PowerPoint