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The Journey Into the Presence of God prayer conference is so unique that many struggle to understand what it is. If you're considering hosting the conference; the Promo DVD is a big step toward solving that problem. It contains three segments.

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Prayer by Suggestion - A Simple Technique that Transforms Group Prayer

Prayer by Suggestion is the most effective tool for getting an entire group to talk with God. This simple technique of making suggestions as a group prays silently will lead them into an encounter with the Father, regardless of the size or age of the group. You’ll actually become a prayer guide rather than a prayer leader.

Have you ever been on a fishing trip with a guide? He takes you to the place where you are most likely to find fish and then helps you catch them. If your fishing skills are like mine; there's no doubt that he could catch more fish without you, but that's not his job. His job is to help you catch fish. As a prayer guide your job is to guide folks into the spiritual place where they're most likely to encounter God and then help them talk with Him. Prayer by Suggestion is the primary tool of the Prayer Guide. Master this technique of guiding silent group prayer and you'll be appreciated by a lot of folks who are missed by the monolog dominated prayer life of most churches.

Consider the average prayer time from the average Christian’s point of view. This person loves God, but seldom if ever speaks in public. Most of their praying consists of silent prayers at bedtime, meals, etc. As they sit in a prayer meeting; they have no intention of praying out loud and may be terrified of the possibility of being 'called on'. As the more outgoing people begin to pray out loud, they try to pay attention, but as the prayers become long and monotonous - well it’s not that they don’t care; but by the fifth or sixth prayer, they’re bored and thinking about everything but the prayers being said. They may even be fighting to stay awake.

You’ll also have people in most groups that are struggling with issues too private to pray about out loud. Beginning the prayer time with silent prayer gives them the opportunity to go to the Lord and get these concerns resolved so that they can better participate in the rest of the prayer time.

These are folks you want to get involved in your group prayer and prayer by suggestion will work every time in just about any situation. It's not hard or complicated and you can do it. More detailed explanation and instruction can be found in chapter 11 of the Prayer Guide book, but basically Prayer by Suggestion involves asking the group to pray silently as you make suggestions, giving them time between each suggestion to pray.

I wish it was more complicated so you'd think me really intelligent, but it really is that simple. Do you remember Naaman in II Kings 5? When Elisha told him that he would be healed of leprosy by washing in the Jordan, he declined because it seemed foolish and beneath his dignity. Thankfully, the common sense of his less prideful servants prevailed and he experience the power of God. Please don't underestimate the power of this simple technique.

So next week when you instruct the group to bow for prayer and ask them to pray silently for the first part of the prayer time, what will you 'suggest'? Many use the acrostic ACTS.

That's an excellent starter, but don't do it the same every week. Study chapters 11, 17, and the sample prayer in chapter 19 of the Prayer Guide book. There's a free audio download on the web site and if you have concerns, contact me; I'd love to hear from you. The main thing is to get started and stick with it. Determine that you'll try it at least three weeks in a row. Keep in mind that your purpose is not to do something different, but to guide every person in your group into an encounter with God.

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Some things you can do to help us:

  1. Pray that we'll get the conference on DVD this summer.
  2. Pray that we'll have a full calendar this fall.
  3. Pray that we find our way through all the doors God is opening.
  4. If you've read Prayer Guide, find it on and do a customer review.
The combination of reading the book and listening to sessions and prayer times is going to make it so much easier for you to apply the Prayer Guide principles and techniques. If you've already got the book and CDs, why not get the combo for someone who doesn't. For instance, if you know a missionary, we've found that the Prayer Guide way of leading prayer is very helpful on the mission field.


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Included is one paperback Prayer Guide book and one Audio CD Boxed Set. The CD set contains three CDs with the five main sessions of the conference includeing the five prayer times.

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Ministry news:

Conference in West Helena, AR

It's been less than two years since we published the book and just over a year and a half since the first conference. Praise the Lord; over 900 books have sold and twenty-seven conferences held in Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, and North Carolina. Most importantly, the Father continues to bless with changed lives and churches. Here's an encouraging word from a recent conference:

"This event proved to be a time when many of our church members renewed their passion to connect with God through personal and corporate prayer. Following the event we found that many of our members had a hunger to give prayer a more prominent role in our Sunday School classes, small group experiences and worship services. Lowell stresses that the church should be a house of prayer and offers practical approaches to lead prayer that would lead even the person who is sitting on the back row of the worship service into the presence of God.

Most of us are good at being busy doing God’s work but sometimes we fail to slow down long enough to connect with God so that He might do a work in us. “Journey into the Presence of God” will challenge you and your congregation to do exactly that by making prayer a more integral part of church life." Chris Cook, Pastor of Parkade Baptist Church, Columbia, MO

Lowell filming for DVD projectThis time last year we were hoping to work on a DVD version of the conference during the summer. We didn't get it done so we're hoping that this summer we can. One of challenges has been to get good video of the Great Commission of Prayer session. We think we're on track for that now, but it's still an item of prayer. When completed, we believe this will become one of the most important aspects of our ministry because it will bring the Prayer Guide message to so many more churches.

Our newest product is the Prayer Guide E-Book. This read-only PDF file can be downloaded from the web site for only $4.95 and there's no shipping charge.

The web site continues to be an important asset. Churches use it extensively for promotional materials and more people are finding it all the time. March was our biggest month with 861 visits and nearly 10,000 hits. It varies from day to day, but I Googled 'group prayer leadership' recently and my web site was #3 on the first page of search results.

small tornado destroyed our back yard

As I write this, our house is surrounded by broken and fallen trees. At 5:30 a.m., April 10th, a small tornado sent Peggy and I scrambling to the bathroom for safety. No windows were broken, but most of the shingles on one side of the house were stripped off and over twenty large trees are down, three of which shaded the back yard. Two barns are damaged and a third is beyond repair. None of this will cost us anything but aggravation and sadness at the loss of those beautiful trees.

It all happened so fast! From the time we realized that something serious was happening till the danger had passed was only about fifteen seconds, maybe less. I don't know that we were in any great danger, but this experience has reminded me how delicate life is and how important it is to do every day what the Lord gives us to do.

By the way; we have one of those weather radios with an alarm that sounds whenever there's a weather warning - and it works, all the time, day or night. I don't know how many times it's woke us up to tell of danger a hundred miles away. Did it work that morning? What do you think? I'm just glad my faith is in God not the inventions of man.





































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