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The Journey Into the Presence of God prayer conference is so unique that many struggle to understand what it is. The Promo DVD is a big step toward solving that problem. It contains three segments. There's a one minute publicity video suitable for promotions during a worship service, a seven minute preview of the conference that's great for showing to church leadership, and a 'word to pastors' in which I speak directly to pastors about the conference. To view the one minute video, click here. To order the DVD, click the 'add to cart' button.

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Revive Congregational Prayer

by Lowell Snow - published Dec.14, '06 in the Arkansas Baptist News

Baptists don’t do congregational prayer. They want to, and they know how, but they don’t know that they know how.

This is my conclusion after a study of worship in some twenty Arkansas Baptist Churches that ranged in size from a tiny mountain congregation to the largest churches in the state. I profiled contemporary, blended, and traditional, but the result was always the same; Baptist worshipers are not being led to pray during their Sunday morning worship.

The Barna Research Group of Ventura, California ( has found that congregants ranked the importance of worship elements in the following order: prayer, sermon, communion, reflection, and music.

With prayer seen as the most important element of worship, you would expect it to play a dominant role, especially congregational prayer which actually engages the worshiper. Not so in Baptist churches. My study reveals that the sermon is 40% of the service; music is 23%; announcements use 6%; invitation, 5%; monologue prayer, 4%; but congregational prayer is less than ½ %.

Before you say, “Well our church is different.” Let me define congregational prayer. In true congregational prayer, everyone is involved in the prayer. Other denominations (my study included eight) do this consistently. From liturgical churches that read prayers corporately to Charismatics with their extended prayer times, they all do it. The best Baptists can do is have someone say a monologue prayer while everyone else is expected to follow their lead. Even when we have altar-calls for prayer, we still lead it with a monologue prayer.

Why are we so inept at congregational prayer? I believe we’ve become prayer-paralyzed between the liturgies of our distant past and the Charismatic extremes that we don’t want for our future.

What should we do? We need a revival of congregational prayer. During the past few decades, the worship wars have revealed that Baptists have some of the most creative pastors and worship leaders in the world. We need to ask them to refocus their attention from worship styles to worship prayer.

My study reveals a good place to start: the invitation. Yes, the invitation. This is an area of worship where Baptists excel. Think about it. A good Baptist invitation almost always involves a time of guided meditation and prayer. We do it better than anyone, but somehow we’ve never applied these skills to worship.

How wonderful it would be if every Sunday morning Baptist congregations had a time of guided meditation and prayer right in the middle of the music service - a few minutes in which they were led into the Father’s presence for a personal encounter with Him in prayer.

Shortly after I started experimenting with this kind of congregational prayer, a young father shook my hand in the foyer and said, “Pastor, I don’t listen to your pastoral prayer anymore; you get me started talking to God, and I don’t hear anything else.”

I said, “Halleluiah!”


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Some things you can do to help this ministry:

Dear friends,

Peggy and I hope that you had a Glorious Christmas and are having a Happy New Year . Our family is well and happy for which we thank the Lord. Click here to see a picture of our whole clan. Those of you who know my brother Ruffin, will enjoy seeing his family in the picture as well.

The Prayer Guide ministry continues to build momentum. Tri City Baptist in Conover, North Carolina did us a great service by providing video of the conference we did there. I ’ve used it to create a short, three segment Promo DVD, which I believe will prove very helpful as we move forward in promoting the revival of prayer. To view a one minute video segment, click here.

In October, Harry Black, ( Director of Missions of the Washington/Madison Baptist Association in Northwest Arkansas, invited me to speak to their pastor's meeting about my pilgrimage of congregational prayer. This was received very well. I ran into Harry recently and he mentioned that the pastors are still being influenced by that meeting.

During that 30 minute presentation, I used power point, research, and personal experience to drive home the reality that Baptists have learned to build bigger churches without building bigger Christians because they've abandoned congregational prayer. Speaking to pastors on this issue is so close to my heart that I'll go just about anywhere to do it. Please consider asking the DOM in your association to contact me.

Book sales have increased, do in part to a five-fold increase in people coming to the web site, a total of over 1,500 visits with 20,000 hits. Also, the Prayer Guide book can now be viewed and searched online at This is very exciting to me because one of my original goals with the web site was to give immediate assistance to those seeking help with leading prayer. Right now they can view and do word searches in 50% of the book for free. Eventually, for a fee, they'll be able to use the whole book online.

I've also added a shopping cart to my online store so folks can make purchases using their credit card. I got this up and running just as an influx of new visitors came to the site. Thank you Lord.

I want to thank Tim & Hilda Curry of Three Creeks Arkansas, for buying more books than anyone. To date they have purchased 18 for family, friends, and church staff members.

Two articles on prayer have been published. 1.An online interview with the National Pastors Prayer Network has brought many visits to the web site and resultant books sales to folks across the northern half of the country. If you're involved in a prayer ministry, I believe you'll find this interview helpful. 2.Arkansas Baptist News published Revive Congregational Prayer which I’ve included in this newsletter.

A recent promotional letter to over three hundred Arkansas pastors, has resulted in a few conferences scheduled. One of those will bring us back our old stomping ground of south Arkansas for a conference at the East Main Baptist Church in El Dorado March 11-12.

Thank you for your support and please continue to pray for the Lord’s anointing on our conferences and products.

God bless you all, Lowell Snow















































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