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Christmas Prayer Time

The Littlest Inn Keeper - A Christmas Story

SBC Solemn Assemblies of prayer

Ministry News - Teaching in Alabama

Things you can do to help

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Peggy and I wish you a Wonderful Christmas!

Christmas Prayer Time

I wrote a Christmas prayer time for your family last December but got it out so late that many didn't get it till after Christmas. Click here to go to last years Christmas newsletter. The prayer time is close to the top.

The Littlest Inn Keeper

This is a Christmas story I've worked on for years. It began as I was preparing a sermon and asked myself the question, 'How could the son of God end up in a manger?' That scenario is so contrary to adult thinking that I pondered if perhaps God might use a child as a catalyst for such an absurd idea.

The story has grown a little from year to year and circulated among friends and family. Last year as a Christmas present to me; my daughter, Meredith, and her two children, Natalie and Kale, condensed the first two chapters and illustrated them. I thought you might enjoy the result.

The Littlest Inn Keeper - condensed and illustrated by Meredith, Natalie, & Kale

The Littlest Inn Keeper - all six chapters


Solemn Assemble in January for SBC

Southern Baptists are being asked to plan Solemn Assemblies during the month of January to seek God for revival. Here’s a link to a video calling for this emphasis:


If your church never has services that are completely dedicated to prayer, you need to open your heart to this most powerful form of prayer. However, leading this kind of prayer meeting is a big responsibility.

So, if you’re planning a solemn assembly; read chapter 20 in my Prayer Guide book for a Biblical background and complete directions to help you plan and lead it. If you don’t have the book, consider buying the eBook. Its a bargain and you can download it to your computer right away.

Here’s an excerpt from that chapter:

Preparation checklist:

  • Do whatever it takes to get holy before God. Consider a personal fast. Consider suggesting that the group fast in preparation for the meeting.
  • Pray for insight into the Lord’s purpose for the meeting.
  • Study the five Biblical examples of large group prayer meetings at the beginning of this chapter and read through the rest of this chapter.
  • Re-read chapters 11 – 14 about the four group prayer techniques.
  • Define the purpose of the meeting.
  • Put in writing what the group needs God to do for them.
  • Rewrite these needs as a prayer for the group to say together at the beginning of the meeting. Keep rewriting until you’re satisfied that it expresses the true purpose of the meeting.
  • Ask someone to read it and give you feed back.
  • Type or print your best version with breaks every few words so you can guide the group to repeat the prayer a phrase at a time. Don’t make copies for the group.
  • Ask God to reveal the things He requires of the group before He can answer their prayers. For instance, He may be saying that He can’t bless their prayers as long as they’re unforgiving toward one another. Pray over these for as long as it takes to be sure you know the mind of God...

Click here to see all of this Preparation check list.



Spiritual Awakening

Prayer in the real world


A new prayer conference from Lowell Snow Ministries



Conference on DVD

Here's everything you need to help your congregation or small group experience prayer that encounters God.


Prayer Guide eBook

The Prayer Guide book that you can download to your computer or electronic reading device.

$4.95 (no S&H)

Click Here for more information.



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Ministry news:

Home for the Holidays

We don’t have any conferences in December, but there’s plenty to do during the holidays. We’ll cover the nursing home ministry at Fayetteville Hospital for a couple of weeks so the folks that usually do it can take a break. We’ll go to church and be refreshed by someone else’s preaching and hear some great Christmas music. All the kids will be home next week for an early celebration of our Lord’s incarnation.

Teaching in Alabama

Got a call the other day from Mike Jackson with the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions about teaching some sessions for a state conference to be held at the First Baptist Church in Montgomery. Dates are March 4-5. We pray regularly for opportunities like this to speak to pastors and church leaders so this is a welcomed opportunity. Please join us in that prayer. If you’re an ‘Alabamian’; we hope to see you there.


Visit our Store for books, DVDs, CDs, and more.

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Snow clan 2010

My brother and I get our families together every Thanksgiving. I'm at the bottom left and brother Ruffin is at top right. (two are missing, our son Matthew who had to work and Daniel's son Thomas who had to take a nap)



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Prayer Conference Promotional Videos

The Journey Into the Presence of God conference of prayer is so unique that many struggle to understand what it is. If you're considering hosting the conference or purchasing the DVD Set; the following videos should help.

  1. Click here to view the one minute publicity video suitable for promotions during a worship service
  2. Click here to view the seven minute preview of the conference that's great for showing to church leadership.
  3. Click here to view the seven minute explanation of the conference by Lowell Snow.

These are the videos from the Promo DVD which is available at the web site and comes with the DVD Set.

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