Vol. 39 - October 2013

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The Forgotten Altar - Part 9: Revolution!

The time for a revival of prayer is past. For the last few decades, many have prayed urgently for a revival of prayer. The intention is good but in most churches there's not anyone left who can remember when congregational prayer was the heart of worship. I've talked to old timers who were children in the late 1800's that remembered fervent prayer during worship, but those folks are all in Heaven now. Revive means to bring something back, but if no living person knows what they're trying to revive - well - it's very unlikely to happen. We need something more than a revival of prayer. It's time for a revolution of prayer!...



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For several reasons, it has become difficult for me to get out a newsletter every month. I'll continue to send out articles from time to time, but no longer promote a 'monthly' newsletter.

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