Vol. 34 - Jan. 2013

Southern Baptists called to pray:

Southern Baptist leadership has called on congregations to focus on prayer for the month of January. How are you going to accomplish this? Why not guide a silent prayer time every Sunday morning.

Church wide daily devotions, solemn assemblies, Wednesday night prayer meeting – these are all great – but if you’re really going to call your congregation to prayer; the only time to do it is Sunday morning.

The typical call to prayer in a worship service goes like this: the pastor explains the emphasis and then asks all those who can to come to the altar area for the special prayer. He says a monologue prayer, everyone goes back to their pew, and the service continues as if nothing significant happened because it didn’t.

Congregational prayer should involve everyone in a personal conversation with God. The only way to do that is by guiding them in a time of silent prayer. The three areas of prayer emphasis are; family/friends, nation, and world missions. Just do one emphasis this Sunday. Start short and simple, but start this Sunday.

Click Here for more help and an archive of guided prayer times.


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