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The Journey Into the Presence of God prayer conference is so unique that many struggle to understand what it is. The Promo DVD is a big step toward solving that problem. It contains three segments. There's a one minute publicity video suitable for promotions during a worship service, a seven minute preview of the conference that's great for showing to church leadership, and a 'word to pastors' in which I speak directly to pastors about the conference. To view the one minute video, click here. To order the DVD, click the 'add to cart' button.

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Are You Making a Difference?

by Lowell Snow

Many of you have read the book and even more have attended the conference of prayer. Are you using what you learned? Are you making a difference?

Most people will never climb a mountain because they’re afraid, aren’t physically fit, or just don’t see the point. Most Christians will never become prayer warriors because they’re afraid, aren’t spiritually fit, or just don’t see the point.

The tallest mountain I ever climbed was 12,000 feet in elevation and had a clearly marked trail all the way to the top. All I had to do was follow the signs and walk. Climbing that mountain was just an extension of things I do all the time. The group prayer of most Christians is a little like that, just an extension of the monologue prayers they experience regularly.

If I wanted to climb a real mountain of say 25,000 feet, I’d need a guide. The guide would teach me skills I know nothing of, engage me in strengthening exercises so I could endure conditions I’ve never experienced, and would guide me along a path more difficult than any I’ve ever walked.

If Christian groups are to actually encounter God in prayer, they need a guide. They need someone who’ll not be satisfied with business as usual and who knows how to motivate and lead them to meet God intimately.

The prayer guide techniques are not just an extended version of what you’ve always done. The way of the prayer guide is a different way. It doesn’t tell people to pray more or pray harder, it guides them into an encounter with God.

If you really want to make a difference, you must be willing to be different. It’s time to stop wishing that the prayer life of your church was better and start doing something about it. You have the tools, now put them to work.

The first church to host the conference of prayer was the First Baptist Church of Farmington, AR. My daughter is part of that congregation and recently told me that the Sunday morning service before the National Day of Prayer was essentially a prayer service. Pastor Barry Smith guided his congregation to the throne for nearly half of the service.

Have you ever heard of that before? That’s a little different isn’t it? How could he do such a thing? Well, along with suggestions from the National Day of Prayer web site, he used the Prayer Guide techniques.

Maybe you’re not a pastor, but you probably have some circle of spiritual influence. Just saying the prayer before a meal is an opportunity to apply the principles that you learned in ‘Prayer Basics’? (page 11)

Perhaps you tried one of the techniques, and it didn’t go well. Don’t give up. Try again. The pilgrimage of a prayer guide isn’t finished in a week, or a month, or even a year. You’ll always be reaching forward, upward. Contact me if you need some encouragement or suggestions.

Suggestion —Read or reread ‘Prepare for the Challenge’ on page 59 of the book. If you don't have the book, I believe you can read at least some of this section for free on the Google Books web site. Just Google my name and the title of the book. When you find it on their web site, scroll down to page 59.

Lowell Snow —The Prayer Guide


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Some things you can do to help us:

  1. Pray for the broadcast email on May 30th and Web-Ad on June 6.
  2. Help me find a good printer in the NW Ark. area that specializes in books?
  3. Buy two of the CD Specials and give one away.

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In this Issue:

Dear friends,

Praise The Lord! We’ve survived our 1st year since publishing the book in May ‘06. There are over 400 in circulation now. Also, response to the Journey Into the Presence of God conference of prayer has been great. We’ve served in twelve churches and three associations since last August:

  1. 1st Baptist, Farmington, AR;
  2. Tri City Baptist, Conover, NC;
  3. Washington Madison Bapt. Assn., Fayetteville, AR
  4. Northeast Baptist, Fayetteville, AR;
  5. Providence Baptist, Fayetteville, AR;
  6. 1st Baptist, Dumas, AR;
  7. Cornerstone Baptist, Texarkana, AR;
  8. Southwest Baptist Assn., Texarkana, AR.;
  9. East Main Baptist, El Dorado, AR;
  10. Osage Baptist Assn., Butler, MO;
  11. Calvary Baptist, Huntsville, AR;
  12. 1st Baptist, Genoa, AR;
  13. 1st Baptist, Hardy, AR;
  14. 1st Baptist, Battlefield, MO;
  15. and Park Hill Baptist, Arkadelphia, AR.

Recently a layman came up to me at the conclusion of a conference and said, “I had very low expectations for this conference, but this is something very special. This is of God!

We have four conferences scheduled between now and February '08, but expect to do 30 or more in the next twelve months. However, I'm very aware that doing the conference in churches will not reach enough people to accomplish the task God has given us. Therefore I'm working toward producing the conference in a DVD format. More about that in the next newsletter.

During the past year, our greatest struggle has been self-promotion. During 30 years of ministry; Peggy and I were always promoting things, but never ourselves, so it feels really awkward. We've prayed about it a lot and are coming to terms with it, but still aren't good at it. So if I say the wrong thing or come across in the wrong way, let me know. I'll appreciate your input.

When we began, we just prayed that God would send money and opportunities so we could do what He had called on us to do. I've found that He'll do that just often enough to give us the encouragement we need. For instance, we recently needed 150 more Prayer Guide books to finish out the spring conferences. The printer I'd been using, closed. I found another printer, but they requested payment by check. Well, printing 150 books on premium paper isn't cheep, but the day I was to pick them up, a donation came in the mail that was within $100 of the cost. Thank you Jesus, that was very encouraging!

However, most of the time it's more of a working relationship with Him. I've come to realize that working with the Lord is even more exciting than relying on those special gifts all the time. When I was a teen, my Dad helped me work on my car. It would have been much easier for him to just fix it himself, but what a joy it was for him to actually work with me and teach me how.

Listen to this email I received a couple days after one of the conferences.

Thank you for being here this past Sunday. I was getting ready to shuck the Christian church and all its attachments. I made a deal with God that morning - I either see or hear a way to converse with Him or I quit! - You were there on Sunday.

Being used of God to answer someone else's prayer; what could be more exciting than that? Thank you Jesus for letting me help!

We only have one conference scheduled for the summer, but expect to be busy with writing another book, scheduling conferences for the next year, producing the conference on DVD, and publishing a paper back edition of Prayer Guide .

For those interested in my fiction writing, The Last Ocean, should be in print by the end of the summer.

Urgent Prayer Request

The Lord continues to encourage me to promote the Prayer Guide book and conference to a wider audience. Wednesday morning, May 30, we’ll take the next step by broadcasting an email to 10,000 pastors all across the country. Please pray that morning that many pastors will open and read this email. Click here to see a copy.

A week later on June 6, we'll have a small ad in the 'Church Growth Toolbox' which goes to over 100,000 churches via the internet. Click here to see that ad.

Our purpose is to cast a wider net. Our mission statement is to be a catalyst for the revival of prayer everywhere. Baptist will likely continue to be the primary focus of our conference ministry, but the book and DVD version of the conference will cross many denominational lines. The book already has.

The big numbers can be misleading. Truth is, we don’t know what to expect from these promotions. With mailouts, we feel good if we get response from 2 out of 100. The marketing company tells us to hope for 2 'click thus' per 400 on the broadcast email and much less for the web page ad. A 'click thru' means that they click on a link to my web site. So response could be 2 or 200. These promotions have the potential to reach many churches that need our ministry, so we'd really appreciate your prayers. May 30 and June 6 are the critical days. Please pray in earnest on those days.

God bless you all, Lowell Snow






































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Here's a copy of the Braodcast Email that goes out to 10,000 pastors. We need you to pray for God's blessing on it May 30.

Note: the DVD is not available for free in this Newsletter. It is however always available for free to pastors and missionaries if you want to contact us and request one.

Visit my web site at There you’ll find free articles and helps for leading prayer more effectively. There’s also a store and everything you might want to know about me, the conference, or the book. Our contact information is there and I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you and don’t forget to request the DVD.

Lowell Snow – The Prayer Guide





Here's a copy of the showcase ad that goes out to 100,000 churches June 6. Please join us in prayer on that day for God's blessing on the ad and those who need this ministry.







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