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Newsletters with:

Newsletters with general articles:

Sept 06 - First Prayer Conferences

Jan 07 - Revive Congregational Prayer

May 07 - Are You Making a Difference?

Nov 07 - Mid-Week Makeover

May 08 - Prayer by Suggestion

Nov 08 - The Vanishing Invitation

Nov 2011 - Free Help for Prayer Leaders

Jan 2013 - SBC January Prayer Emphasis

Newsletters in series:

Feb 09 - God's Plan for Praying in Difficult Times - 1

Mar 09 - God's Plan...2 No Purer Motive

April 09 - God's Plan...3 No Greater Ambition

June 09 - God's Plan...4 No Stronger Fellowship

July 09 - God's Plan...5 No Higher Power


August 09 - Hearing God...1 Examine Your Expectations

Sept 09 - Hearing God...2 Come to Christ

Feb 2010 - Hearing God...3 Master the Minors

April 2010 - Hearing God...4 Consider the Content

August 2010 - Hearing God...5 Eliminate the Excuses


July 2011 - The Forgotten Altar - 1 The Priest

August 2011 - ...Altar - 2 The Altar

Sept 2011 - ...Altar - 3 The Heart of Worship

Oct 2011 - ...Altar - 4 The House of Prayer

May 2012 - ...Altar - 5 A Pilgrimage of Prayer

June 2012 - ...Altar - 6 All God's People Want to Pray

Feb 2013 - ...Altar - 7 Cell Phones in the Throne Room

April 2013 - ...Altar - 8a The Posture of Prayer

May 2013 - ...Altar - 8b The Posture of Prayer

Oct 2013 - ...Altar - Revolution

Newsletters with prayer-times:

Dec 09 - A Christmas prayer time for the family

Jan 2010 - Day of Prayer & Fasting prayer time

Mar 2010 - Easter prayer time

June 2010 - July 4th Prayer Time

Nov 2010 - Thanksgiving Prayer Time

Dec 2010 - Solemn Assemblies

Dec 2011 - prayer-time for Christmas day service

Nov 2012 - Thanksgiving Prayer Time

Dec 2012 - Christmas Prayer Time

Mar 2013 - Good Friday Prayer Time



A Quick guide to God-centered worship

Mid-Week Makeover

My Problem with Calvinism

On the Cutting Edge, Alone

Prayer Guides

Revive Congregational Prayer

The Most Effective tool of a Prayer Guide

Unlikely Sailor

World Class VBS Worker

Worship Wars - Episode III

Short Stories

Healing for A Broken Heart

The Littlest Innkeeper - A Christmas story


Audio of Lowell leading a worship service prayer time

© copyright material - what you need to know

Help for Prayer Ministry workers (NPPN interview)

Recorded interview with Lowell about prayer in worship

Revive Congregational Prayer - research

Testimonials from Prayer Conference

God is Great, God is Good - sermon by Lowell

©On the Cutting Edge, Alone

A Muslim chief lays wide awake in the steamy blackness of his mud hut. Any hope of sleep dashed by a dream that now plays over and over in his head. In the dream, the Jesus of Christianity comes down from the sky hanging on a cross, then the cross is laid across a great river and the people of his village walk across it. What can it mean? Is it a message from Allah or perhaps a warning from an angry spirit? A world away, a young man lies awake, staring into the darkness of his bedroom at the SBC missionary training complex, pondering a rather dramatic change is his future plans...

©Prayer Guides

There is a next step in worship that our people are anxious to take. It’s the step from the courtyard of praise into the temple of His presence. That step is taken by prayer...

©Healing for A Broken Heart

I wrote this story during the Christmas season as I wondered about all those families who lost children in Bethlehem.

Esther walked just as fast as her legs could go without dropping the water pot balanced on her head. Her face and hair were wet from the water that had sloshed out when she climbed over the neighbor’s garden wall. She didn't mind. It was not often such a little girl had such big news!

"Grandfather, Grandfather"! There was no response. She poured the water into a bowl on the porch of the workshop behind the house. Leaving the pot, she turned to run toward the house. "Wait just a minute young lady"...

A Quick guide to God-centered worship

Have a prayer time at the heart of the worship service. Make it the focus of worship rather than a book-end.

Have at least 20 minutes of uninterrupted praise and prayer...

Audio of Lowell leading a worship service prayer time

This ten minute prayer time is the one mentioned in the Prayer Guide book on page 142.

Interview on NPPN

Need some help with leading prayer or encouragement for your prayer ministry team? This online interview with Phil Miglioratti of National Pastor's Prayer Network. should be helpful.

©World Class VBS Worker

When a child asks for a second snow cone at one Vacation Bible School , in rural Arkansas , it’s no problem. “They’re supposed to bring back their cup and spoon if they want seconds.” Says 93 year old VBS veteran, Emma Mae New. “ Of course...


©Worship Wars - Episode III

The Lucas universe may be back in balance with the release of Star Wars, Episode III, but a real conflict that began a decade before Darth Vadar drew his first evil breath, still rages. Worship Wars, Episode I began during the 1960’s Jesus Movement as...

©Unlikely Sailor

She sails into port, unnoticed by most. On her thumb, the sterling ring of the man who stole her heart. Before her face can become familiar, her mission accomplished, she slips away as quietly as she came. Who is this mysterious woman, scanning the horizon from the bow of a 15 th century explorer’s ship? She’s not the heroine of a maritime novel, and she’s not a pirate queen. She’s Miss Ellie, thirteen years the secretary of Trinity Lutheran Church in Alamogordo , NM . "Follow your dreams." Says Elenore Kaiser, age 77. "Try. Really try. If you fail, at least you tried. To me that's kind of important."...

Revive Congregational Prayer  

Baptists don’t do congregational prayer. They want to, and they know how, but they don’t know that they know how. This is my conclusion after a study of worship in some twenty Arkansas Baptist Churches that ranged in size from a tiny mountain congregation to the largest churches in the state. I profiled contemporary, blended, and traditional, but the result was always the same...


Mid-Week Makeover

Frequently I’m asked, “What can we do about our Mid-week prayer meeting?” Some wonder if this icon of church prayer should be sacrificed for more ‘user-friendly’ programs and by my observations, about 40% of mid-sized churches have done just that. Is it too late to save the mid-week prayer service in your church? I don’t think so, but it needs an Extreme Makeover. ‘Are you with me on this? We can do this people!’...

The Most Effective tool of a Prayer Guide

Prayer by Suggestion is the most effective tool for getting an entire group to talk with God. This simple technique of making suggestions as a group prays silently will lead them into an encounter with the Father, regardless of the size or age of the group. You’ll actually become a...


© Revive Congregational Prayer - Research

This report goes with the article, Baptists Need a Revival of Congregational Prayer, listed above as Revive Congregational Prayer. This is copyright material, but may be used if accompanied by: © Lowell Snow Ministries, www.leadingprayer.com

Recorded interview with Lowell about prayer in worship

Click Here for 'wav' format - recommended, but may not work on all computers

Click Here for 'MP3' format - poor quality *

This interview was conducted by Phil Miglioratti in August of 2009. Phil is the director of National Pastor's Prayer Network. The interview is a good introduction of Lowell and the heart of his prayer ministry. It also contains practical advise for those seeking to bring prayer to life in their church or small group.

* Sorry about the poor quality of this MP3 file. It was recorded by a third party with the poorest form of 'wav' file which doesn't convert to MP3 well.

The Littlest InnKeeper - A Christmas story

I started working on this story years ago when I wondered how Joseph and Mary ended up in a stable on the night she was to give birth. The thought occurred to me that a child might think of such a thing and it grew from there. Hope you enjoy it.

The full story (six chapters)

Condensed and illustrated by my grandchildren







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