about Thomas Lowell

A new story teller for a new generation

Thomas Lowell steps outside the box of worn out stories and overused cliches to spin tales of eternal truth.

Thomas Lowell

I grew up in a Christian home, but like many of my generation; hypocrisy in the church and suffering in the world spiraled me into years of angry agnosticism. I didn't find satisfaction in my search for truth and the quest kept pushing me back to the reality that Christianity has the most logical world view and the only real answers to the fundamental issues that face mankind.

I have degrees in religion and served in full time ministry for many years, but there are many things I learned walking the dusty roads of life that only Jesus can teach. It's there in the churning conflict of good and evil that I found the true power and glory of His story.



Bachelor's degree in Religion from Ouachita University - Master's degree in Christian Ministry from Southwestern Seminary 







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