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Presenting Timeless Truth for a New Generation

Lowell Snow Ministries is the non-profit ministry I began in 2004. With the primary mission of "presenting timeless truth for a new generation", I seek to step outside the box of overused methods to prayerfully and humbly advance God's Kingdom on earth.

The Lord has directed my vision in several directions, but first and foremost is the mission of "being a catalyst in the revival of prayer." To this end, I've written articles, published books, and lead prayer conferences focused on encouraging God's people to pray together effectively.

Lowell Snow

Who is Lowell Snow

I grew up in a Christian home and began ministering in the areas of music and youth while still in High School, but a traumatic experience spiraled me into years of angry agnosticism. "I'd rather go to hell than spend eternity with God!" I once said to a concerned minister. Eventually, I emerged from this dark period with a deep commitment to 'genuineness' in the Christian faith. (click here to read my testimony in the Prayer Guide book )

I have Bachelors and Masters degrees in Bible, church music, and ministry, but I also have a degree in life. Having worked construction from the jungles of Brazil to the canyons of downtown Dallas, I can drive a nail as well as drive home the final point of a Sunday sermon. There are things you learn, slopping around in the mud with men who think all preachers are immoral and all religion was created to separate folks from their money. Between the dirty jokes and lurid stories, you begin to see the raw truth of God's Holy Word.

Because of this detour, I was thirty years old with two children before accepting my first pastorate. Committed to a long term ministry and stability for my family, I pastored this great rural church for nineteen years. During that time, the church grew in a location where the population wasn't. Two building programs were completed and paid for. Eight mission churches were built and paid for. Numerous churches and missions were assisted with construction and evangelism mission trips all across the country and I had the joy of baptizing over 10% of the residents in the area served by the church.

This church had a full music program complete with large dramatic presentations, but was very isolated so it was difficult to find a gifted worship leader. This led to extended periods when I did double duty. However, this exhausting situation was used of God to give me a perspective on worship that few can match and became the fertile ground into which the Lord planted the seed which is now our Prayer Guide ministry.

In 2000, after thirty years of full-time ministry, I resigned the church and began searching the mind of God for our next chapter of service. While serving as interim pastor, a deacon commented that the way I did congregational prayer was the way it ought to be done. God used that comment to prompt me to write an article on the subject which ended up in the hands of an editor who encouraged me to write a book.

While writing, I began to teach seminars on corporate prayer and soon God had given me a vision of this unique ministry. The book, Prayer Guide - A Manual for Leading Prayer, was published in June of 2006 and August '06 was the first full prayer conference. 2007 brought sixteen conferences and a sell out of the first printing of the book.

Since then I've led prayer conferences in churches across the country, published two more books on prayer, written articles for several publications, and provided the written materials and video for the Prayer Empowering Weekends sponsored by the North American Mission Board of the SBC.

God's people have been pleading for decades that He would send revival in America. We all know that it must begin with prayer. I believe with all my heart that the Prayer Guide ministry is one small part of the Lord's answer to the prayers of His people.

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Lowell's education:

Bachelors degree in Religion and Church Music from Ouachita Baptist University.

Masters degree in Church Ministry from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.


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Lowell's family:

My wife Peggy and I are truly partners in life and ministry. We've worked and served together for four decades and are still best friends.


Lowell's other interests:

Lowell building the corners of a mission in Brazil




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Contributions to Lowell Snow Ministries

This ministry is made possible by the generous contributions of folks who catch the Prayer Guide vision. This is a non-profit ministry and we do need your help to promote the vision God has given us. Donations are tax deductible and you will receive a letter of acknowledgement and appreciation. We'll thankfully receive your gift at: 17884 Stonewall Rd., Prairie Grove, AR 72753

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Recorded interview with Lowell about prayer in worship

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This interview was conducted by Phil Miglioratti in August of 2009. Phil is the director of National Pastor's Prayer Network. The interview is a good introduction of Lowell and the heart of his prayer ministry. It also contains practical advise for those seeking to bring prayer to life in their church or small group.

* Sorry about the poor quality of this MP3 file. It was recorded by a third party with the poorest form of 'wav' file which doesn't convert to MP3 well.




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